~Saturday Fit Tip~

You can’t outrun a bad diet, and Alexa can’t help you, either!

It doesn’t matter how many situps, kicks, lunges, or runs you take; you will only see progress if your diet is good. Eating good meals does not limit you to salads, fish, and Keto diets. There is a whole buffet of goodness that has your name written all over it.

Every health magazine you pick or weight loss commercial you see will have you scared to eat! And that is no way to live.

This information comes from a woman who loves to eat and cook all types of food. If an outing doesn’t include food, then don’t include me. And if you throw a party and provide stingy amounts of finger food, please expect me to leave your little crazy party early.


But more importantly, I love food that makes me feel good. The key to being in shape and eating anything you want is simple. First, you have to listen to your body and react accordingly. Your body will tell you everything it needs to run as smoothly as it should.

I’ve never heard anyone say their body told them they needed a donut; that’s your mind, not your body! Your body will never lead you down a dead-end road. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t indulge in a donut now and again ( I know I do), but you have to make sure that your everyday choices make sense and give you fuel that energizes you.

One of the things that I look at in all my clients and me is consistency—constantly making food choices that not only feel you up but FUEL YOU UP.

When you eat right, you can avoid going to the gym for hours upon hours doing grueling workouts. Give your body and mind a break from busting your butt in the gym and trying to put in special requests to Alexa. Instead, concentrate on the things we all love, good FOOD!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. I totally agree. Consistency and persevere are key, as is understanding it’s actually more about a state of mind than anything else. Awesome and empowering post, Belladonna! Happy weekend! 💖

  2. I am eating to treat my body with love and kindness. I am doing really well. I have noticed since I am eating less sugar that I am having less headaches.

  3. Absolutely agree! It’s all about balance and making sustainable choices when it comes to food. Your body knows what it needs, and listening to it is crucial. It’s great to hear that you love food and understand the importance of fueling your body with the right nutrients. And you’re right, Alexa can’t do the work for us when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. Keep up the good work, and enjoy all the delicious food that life has to offer!

  4. I need to hear this today, so I begrudgingly thank you🤣. My diet has been too indulgent lately and I can definitely feel the difference.

    1. LOLOLOL! Well that’s okay, we all give in too food. Isn’t it horrible how quickly we can feel the effects of eating not so great. It feels like it’s immediately and then it takes a 100 years to shake the feeling.LOL

  5. First, I need t thank yu fr sme minutes f laughing… “Alexa delete my belly”…
    Great post! Thank’s dear Belladonna. Agree with you!.
    Happy weekend!

      1. LOLOL So funny! I can imagine Alexa… Hahaha…
        Thank’s dear friend, It was lovely and hope yours as well. Thank’s!

  6. I was fat for so long it’s hard for me to force myself to eat, but that’s what I need to do with the medication I’m on! I lost 100lbs in the first few years after getting sober and for the first time since my 20s (41 now) I’m in the healthy weight range for a man my age and height. But it’s not all good… my weight stays low because I’m never hungry, not because I eat healthy food. 😂 So I’m often tired and feel gross. I’m making a point to start meal planning once I move because it’s just not possible where I currently live.

    1. Brian you’ve had a fantastic journey and I applaud you for everything you accomplished. I have know doubt that you will accomplish all of your new goals. focus on all the good things you love about yourself and speak positive words about your body. You deserve that.
      Do you lift weights?

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