One Line Is All I GOT

The D Word~ I can not tell a lie; that word scares me!


But we all need to set them if we want to move upward

And today, I am doing just that. I am fed up with putting my podcast off and determined to make my way into Podcast land TODAY! I recorded at least 20 different topics and then cringed when I listened to the recording. So I guess it’s true; we are our worst/biggest critics. 

Well, ready or not, here I come. Every Thursday, you will hear my screeching voice. I apologize in advance!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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      1. If I were the only person involved in hitting my deadlines, it wouldn’t be a problem—I do tasks and projects as soon as I get them. Unfortunately, there are lots of others involved and they usually do not operate the same way as I do, procrastinating until the last minute. Since I am the last person in line to get things out the door, all the deadline stress lands squarely on my shoulders. I’m in a fairly constant state of anxiety making sure all the things get where they need to go by their deadlines. It’s a made up of a lot of moving parts and constantly shifting priorities.

      2. Heather that sounds like an on going nightmare. It’s the worst thing to be the one to get things last and it always seems like one of the people did something wrong so you have to wqure that away before you can move on.

      1. I think, just bcoz we are having fear of being judged and that fear forces us to become perfect, which is intractable.

  1. Wow! Great post! Dear Belladonna your podcast, love it! Share love and feelings with ours…
    Thank’s for share. Have a lovely evening!

  2. Well, you ain’t stumblin’ girlfriend. Simple real talk. Good for you for taking the leap ladybug. 🏃🏽‍♀️ You ain’t scared no mo’. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 You are too funny and there ain’t a darn thing wrong with your voice! 🤜🏼🤛🏼 Bravooooooooo…

    1. Kym I couldn’t wait for your feedback! (sigh of relief) Thank you so much, I’m so happy I finally did it. Your podcast encouraged me to just do it!!!!

      1. Awww sistah girlfriend, the first time is always the hardest. I am still learning. I know how you feel when you listen to your voice, because I am still quite critical of how I sound, but I just bite the bullet and try anyway. Nothing is perfect, no matter how much we try. I just think the imperfections add character. So bravo to you for diving in and going for it. You’re off to the races my dear. Keep going! 🏃🏽‍♀️🏇🏼🏃🏽‍♀️ And thank you for your compassionate words! Hugs and smooches! 👏🏼🤗💖🥳🌟😘🥂

  3. Deadlines! They’re scary af but they propel us to get stuff done and out of the way. You sound audible, articulate and fair paced .. as long as we get the message that’s all that matters. I take it that you haven’t subscribed to apple podcasts as I couldn’t find “one line is all I got” until then I’ll listen here. Thank you Belladonna for sharing your wisdom with us ♥️🤗

    1. You are so kinnd, thank you for lifting me up! I wanted to see how this went and if I was comfortable enough to move forward. So far so good, so I’m inchinng my way to share it on other platforms. Thank you for yourssupport and yes deadlines are scary AF!

    1. Thank you Kim! I feel such a release and free. I let this deadline eway on my spirit for far to long. I hope you do your YouTube channel.

  4. Good for you, Bella. Yes, deadlines suck, but we DO need them. Even if I don’t have a true deadline, I try to set one for myself, just to force me to be motivated. Well done, Bella. I’ll try to give your podcast a listen over the weekend. Hats off!!!

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