Father, Daughter and the BATTLE of GRIP STRENGTH


I know this title is odd, but after you read this, you’ll get it!

Daughter #1

At first glance, she may not look like a physical threat, but that shows you can’t just a book by its pink cover. Our college girl throws pushups into her daily workout regimen, and now her upper body strength is just as powerful as her muscular legs. 

She and her father share videos about grip strength and talk about it all the time. He is obsessed with grip strength, and now she is too!

The other day she sent him a video of her practicing her hangs; he went crazy and hasn’t stopped boasting about it since. This man was so proud of her grip strength. He texted her immediately to tell her how graceful, powerful, and strong she looked.

Daughter #2

Yesterday my 13-year-old flew through the front door excited and smiling from ear to ear. She throws down her backpack and says wait until you hear this hilarious story. I immediately sat down so she has my complete focus. I love school stories and encourage my kids to give a run down of highlights of their day. I’ve always done this and still do this with my college kids; although my son’s stories are so dry and dull (that is, if I can even get an account), I can always count on my girls to bring the excitement.

Anyway, she explained to me that in P.E., they were playing Utimate Frisbie. I provided a video below if you are like me and need more clarification about this.

She proceeds to catch her breath and tries her hardest to stop laughing so she can tell her story. Finally, she tells me that a male opponent attempted to snatch the frisbee out of her hand as she caught it, and here they both were tugging for it. 

My daughters are both EXTREMELY competitive. So, therefore, I knew she wasn’t giving up that frisbee without a fight!

She told me that she gripped the frisbee as tight as she could and yanked the boy and the frisbee. The boy flew face-first to the ground and claimed he lost due to not having a good grip. All the girls and coaches screamed and clapped for her, and the boys asked the guy, “How are you going to let a girl body you like that?” 

But they all know my daughter is a BEAST and do firs this guy (they are long time friends).

As soon as she was done telling me the story, she called her dad, who was in a business meeting. She called more times than I knew and sent him an urgent text message. So he excused himself from the meeting, thinking something was wrong.

She explains nothing is wrong; I have a fantastic GRIP STRENGTH story. And as she’s talking, I hear laughter and joy on the other end. He forgot about his meeting because he told her to repeat the story. They ended the conversation with him saying As soon as I get home, I want to hear this again; I’m so proud of you.

Proud dad moments!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


23 Replies to “Father, Daughter and the BATTLE of GRIP STRENGTH”

  1. Wow! Lovely story! Dear Belladonna you have a wonderful family, amazing kids and your hudsband is a great father, ofcousre you are a awesome team, you are a super mom and wife.
    I’m so happy for you. Have a relaxing evening!

  2. Oh no, not the “interrupting the business meeting” for a hilarious grip strength story. 😲 Sure, your husband may be a girl dad, but I think we all know where and who that inner BEAST in your daughters come from. 💪🏼😆💪🏼 I’m not calling any names, but the initials are Belladonna! 😂😜🤣 LMAO!

      1. Booyah! 🤜🏼🤛🏼 Honey chile, in this day and age, you gotta be if you weren’t already. Although we can be prissy, back off when we give you the side eye!!! 😂😆🤣

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