Look After Yourself Friday

Can the day Get any better?

Happy Friday! We made it to this beautiful place again, and for that, I’m grateful.

Every Friday, I choose to do something that makes my soul sing, so I’m buying three plane tickets today. Oh yeah, ya, heard me; the hubby and I are flying out to pick up our bouncing baby boy from college and bring him back home. We have to put all his things in storage so he can be ready to rock and roll when it’s time for him to return for football practice.

Storage units seem to be the best option, so we won’t have to send him all his things again. Boy, did he accumulate a lot of stuff over the months. He called twice a month for something he wanted, not needed but WANTED. Then my husband bought him a PlayStation 5 and a giant monitor for Christmas. 

I didn’t say anything when I saw the items, but I thought we are going to have one hell of a time bringing everything back home.

Kids and their fathers are a mess!

Anywho, we will share a unit with some other kids, put most of his things in there, have some fun in the city, and then head home. 

Your turn

I would love to read about your plans for today or this weekend. What do you plan to do to look after yourself? Last week so many of you were living it up. Your fun times gave me some ideas. In fact, y’all inspire me to keep “Look after yourself” going.

I love the positive vibes I get from reading about your self-care, and it motivates me to continue to look after myself. It’s so easy to put yourself on the back burner and turn your focus onto everyone around you. And to think that self-care is selfish. 

How wrong that is, and if it is, STAY SELFISH, my friends!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


53 Replies to “Look After Yourself Friday”

  1. I can’t match plane tickets (what an exciting weekend!), but feeling better than I have in a couple weeks. Today’s self-care includes tea and relaxation. Enjoy yours, and I’ll enjoy mine 😉

    1. We are always able to fly to New York for cheap so I’m happy about that!!! I’m so glad you’re feeling good. Tea and relaxation will start for me at 3pm tomorrow and I’m too happy for that. Lots of blankets, pillows, hair in a bun and comfy pajamas!

    1. Sadje that is perfect!!!! Tomorrow I will be in my bed by 3pm and comfy cozy watching movies. I’m so excited about that!
      Rest up and enjoy your relaxation.

  2. I’m spending some time planning some great surprises for my girls upcoming 19th bday next week! Working some. Hanging out with her a lot, cause she’s my fav😉 Think I need to get in a couple of good weight lifting workouts. It’s been a while, and I need it! Oh, and lots of stretching, as usual! Have fun!!!

    1. This sounds perfect. There isn’t anyone better to hang out with than your mini me. I hope you write about her birthday, I want to know about the surprises.
      Yes girl get those weights in, we are trying to super beasts.

      1. Oh, you know I’m gonna write all about it! One of her surprises won’t happen until a week after her bday, so she’s gonna be really surprised 🤣

      2. Sounds good!!!!! I love surprising people, Y’all are so blessed to have each other. Being a mom is the best thing!!!!

  3. I think the storage unit (shared) is a great idea. This weekend–well, tonight (Friday night) in fact–I will be visiting with friends. I imagine besides church that this will be thie highlight. And it’s a good one–friends, after all. I hope you have a grand weekend!

    1. Yes I am so happy parents want to share and we can split the cost. I hope you had a great time tonight. Being with friends is such a good time. I’m trying a new church this Sunday and I’m so excited about it.
      Let me know how your evening turned out.

  4. Tomorrow, April 29, is World Tai Chi Day, and my group has decided to participate in our city’s celebration after three long years of staying home. I had zero intentions of joining in–I just got back from a physically and emotionally grueling visit with my daughter in Canada–but yesterday my teacher and another student ganged up on me and said, “You want to go!” I put up the usual excuses, too tired, it’s too far away, I’m not good enough, but they basically said they would carry me to the event! I know it will be good for me physically and spiritually: I need to shake off the funk of isolation after Covid, not to mention the sadness I brought home from my visit. So tomorrow I’m putting on my workout clothes and harnessing my chi, followed by lunch at a huge Chinese buffet. Yum!

    1. oh no I’m sorry you had a grueling visit. I hope she’s well as well as you. You know sometimes people can feel our energy and know they need to keep an eye on us. I’m so glad that they convinced you to go with them. You are so blessed!!!!!!! Covid has us so use to isolation and it’s not get for us mentally. Time to rejoin the the living and who can pass up a Chinese buffet!!!!! I want to go too!!!!

      1. My tai chi friends have been the best! It surprises me, since I haven’t been the most dedicated student and I haven’t been in the group all that long. (There are members who have been practicing for almost ten years, even through Covid.) If I could bring you a box of takeout, I would! The Chinese restaurants here are so good, it’s hard to say no when I get an invite to eat at one!

        Re my daughter, this is a situation where I have to sit back and wait for the pieces to fall. It took me a long time to learn this, but mama can’t always fix things for her adult kids. They have to make the first move before anything can get better. But it hurts to watch….

      2. As a mom I totally get it!!! I’ll be praying for you both.
        I wish you could haave broughtme a take out order, I kniow it was delcious. it sounds like the otheeer ladies can feel your good energy and enjoy being around you! That’s an awesome thing.

  5. Sounds fun, Belladonna. I’m sure you are thrilled to have your son come back home with you. This weekend I will be doing some gardening , going to the kids senior play, and assisting my freshman with getting ready for her first prom, oh and I will also be trying out a new restaurant that everyone has been raving about,💕

    1. Grace I love how your weekend sounds! Prom weekend is so much fun and a play!!!
      I did a little gardening today and I’m almost done. I can’t wait to hear more about the restaurant and what you ordered. I love trying new places.

      1. Thanks so much, Belladonna. We try a new restaurant or dish every week , I love new foods and it gives us a nice treat to look forward to. I remember cooking a new recipe per week during COVID. The kids loved that.💕

  6. any day that begins with a run is a good start. woke up with a headache again…am assuming it’s that concussion that became my best friend almost 3 years ago is still saying hello….but a 6 mile later, yep still here (I keep imagining the inside of my head like that Disney Movie years ago about what goes on inside the head of a young girl)….so a weekend of running, out on the bike, and possibly a visit with my parents…..maybe..oh, and time to plant that garden, it’s almost summer

    1. Warren I’m so sorry to hear about your headache. I suffered from migraines for years, so I hate when someone has one. I sure hope you feel better.
      No-one wants to to know what goes on in a young girls mind! Those are some confusing thoughts in there. LOL
      You’re a great son, and one hell of an athlete. Have a great weekend my friend and thank for the motivation.
      I’ll be getting up at 7:15 to stretch and warm up for a 60 minute bike ride at 8 am.

  7. Belladonna, you are a woman after my own heart. I noticed a pattern in my life where I jumped into action whenever one of my family wanted something. Well, now I am finishing what I am doing and then jumping into action. For the weekend, I know I will get a gym workout in, some time on the couch with my cat Sassy, a walk perhaps two, and waiting on the weather to get nice again to continue in my gardens and cameras. If we don’t nurture and care for ourselves, we will not be any good to anyone else. Great post and I thank you! xo

  8. Oh no, not the PlayStation 5? Boys and their toys! 🥽🕹🎮 Sounds like you aren’t too torn up over those plane tickets! Talk about self care! 🤗 So who drew that funny work of art? Is that you and your hubby walking through the airport to meet your son??? You certainly know how to keep things lighthearted Belladonna! 🛫🪂🛫 Have a FANtabulous weekend girlfriend. 🥰💖😊

    1. My husband and teenage daughter shares one and he bought one for his son. Girl they are a mess!!!!!!!
      That artwork cracked me up! LOLOL
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  9. This Friday we had grilled cheeses and tomato soup for dinner because it is a raining and it seemed good and we are watching a show as a family. Tomorrow is parent observation day at the dance studio my younger daughter dances at. Then we are visiting with family. Sunday I have to do some work from home.

    1. Family time is the best! Our favorite dish to have is grilled cheese and tomato soup. It’s so satisfying, That’s awesome, your daughter is a dancer; my first love!I hope you a great weekend and it sounds like you will!

  10. A storage unit is smart thinking! Wonderful news to learn you two will be flying out to see him soon. A happy reunion! I am sure he is excited to return home. 😊 Yoga and a nice long chat with my daughter were the highlights of a busy day. 🧘🏻‍♀️

    1. I can’t wait to get my hands on him and he can’t wait to get in his own room and no roommate! LOL
      Yoga and chatting with you daughter, is a great combo.

      1. I can’t wait to see his little face in person! I’m going to cry if he trys to go with friends when he comes home! LOL
        Thank you so much for the mention. I was so shocked and beyond estatic!

      2. So exciting! I feel the same about Sammi. Going to see her in a few weeks. Nothing replaces real hugs! 🤗 You are so very welcome. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support. I am grateful. We are going to have fun with this!

      3. I’m happy for you too. You’re absolutely correct, nothing replaces real hugs💖
        This is definitely going to be a lot of fun 🙌🏽😍😍😍

      4. Thank you! I can’t wait to see her and my forever friend who lives not far. As wonderful luck would have it! 💗 I think so too. Much gratitude for your presence and participation! 🙌🏻

  11. After my finals, I went on a 30 minute walk listening to music, then I stretched and ordered a delicious Sweetgreen meal. Yesterday was a big self-care Friday for me that was very much needed!! <3 <3

    1. Awwwww that’s awesome Samo. I’m so proud of you giving your self tine to unwind and treat yourself. You work so hard, always the best at everything you do. Love you Samo!

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