Look After Yourself Friday

He was a hot sexy love muffin he was;


I love me some of him, and not because I get to sleep in tomorrow, because I don’t. Rise and Shine is at 7:30 a.m., then off to a soccer game. When I’m there, I will be drinking coffee and watching half of the game because the moms and dads are some chatty Cathys, and I love to chat. 

On average, I have missed half of my daughter’s goals due to talking. My husband shakes his head at me, but he knows who he married. I’m a talker, and I will talk to anyone. 

Well, maybe not anyone but for the most part, never mind, I’ll talk to anyone!

Anywho, I love Fridays because this is the day that I look back over the week and either feel accomplished or the hell with it; I’ll try harder next week. After I have that debate with myself, I do something that makes me feel rejuvenated.

So today, I’m going to unplug and spend the rest of the afternoon in my garden and painting my porch. Then I’ll take a warm bubble bath, have a margarita, and watch a movie with my crew.

It’s days like today that make my soul happy, I remember what my bad days were like, and I praise God for them. If I never had bad days, I would not be able to appreciate my good days. And for that reason alone, I am thankful and feel joy all over me.

I would love to know what you choose to do today to look after yourself. Anything you do is a big deal. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, it’s relevant, and I would love to hear about it. If it’s raining outside, open the windows to get lost in that relaxing sound. If it’s warm and sunny outside, go for a walk or sit in the sun while reading your favorite book.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. Girl Belladonna, let me just say PREACH and drop the mic! 🎤🎤🎤 Love this: “If I had never had my bad days, I would not be able to appreciate my good days.” What? Halleluyer…Madea style! 😜💖🥰 Oh, and being a TALKER…you just got it honest! Just sayin’…I know! LMAO! 😂😝🤣

  2. ” If I had never had my bad days, I would not be able to appreciate my good days.” – Great outlook, Belladonna. Today I am pampering myself by having a little acupuncture and massage session. Then out to dinner with my husband.💕

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wonderful post! Dear Belladonna, as you said bad times makes us better persons and enjoy more all those little things. Have a lovely time withyour lovely family.

  4. a 8 mile run this morning, when at first my head really didn’t want to…then, hey ate everything that wasn’t nailed down (some good, some, well, I love choc chip cookies..)..and now, chilling so all good…so far, now to catch up on Succession….

  5. I worked Friday but got to sleep in until noon. And I have Saturday off which never happens. Then I’m back to work on Sunday. My schedule is weird this weekend. Thanks for reminding me to treat myself – I think I might have a steeped tea or coffee.

      1. My toddler has physiotherapy this morning but I might get something afterwards. It’s still cold here and a warm beverage is nice to have. I’m a registered nurse and I work at the hospital.

      2. He wasn’t super cooperative today but he’s made some progress at least. I’m grateful I switched into nursing. It’s challenging but never boring! I work with elderly patients.

      3. Awww poor baby but glad he is doing well.
        Oh wow you have your hands full at work. I’m sure they adore you, even if some don’t show it.

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