As soon as the sun comes out and the temperatures rise, the annoying salespeople come knocking!

So here I am, sitting at my desk trying to get work done; Larry is in his igloo catching up on rest, and suddenly, the doorbell rings. It would be okay if they rang the bell once or twice. But no, they ring, ring, ring, and knock. 

At this point, Larry is losing his mind trying to get to whoever is at the front door. I’m trying to calm him down and screaming, “WHO IS IT?” simultaneously.

Larry is still barking like a maniac, so I can’t hear who he said he was. So Instead of answering the door, I scream, “JUST LEAVE YOUR CARD AT THE DOOR .”Not that I was going to answer the door anyway. We live in a crazy world, so if I didn’t order something or you don’t have an appointment to do something at my house, then please keep it moving!

Now I know folks have to make a living, but I wish that living didn’t include interrupting my train of thought and waking up my loud co-worker! This dog is fussy and will try to sit on my lap while I work. It takes a treat, a walk, and a 10-minute belly rub to get him to escape into his igloo for a long nap. And then, just like that, one or three rings of the bell and all of my hard work right down the drain. And all for a guy who would like to look at my roof.

I don’t care what anyone says. I will never buy an expensive new roof just because you knocked on my door and rang my bell. It’s not like they’re selling cupcakes, NOPE it’s a costly roof. 

I budget for those types of purchases! 

Now that I’m writing this, I’m tripled pissed; well, quadruple but triple sounds better;

  1. You’re a stranger beating on my door
  2. You made me lose my train of thought
  3. Do you think I’m going to purchase an expensive roof on a random Tuesday?
  4. Last but not least, you woke up my fussy co-worker

Sir, if you knock on my door again, I might have to give you a firm pat on your back.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


52 Replies to “Triple PISSED”

  1. I feel you girl!! I never answer my door for this reason, they are so annoying!! They could have just left a flyer or card in your mailbox or by your door. There could have been a sleeping baby behind that door and one mad momma! 😂 they better be careful out there!

  2. Most of the banging and repeated knocking at my door ends up being my grandkids so I have to say I’m most often thrilled. Every now and then I fling open the door, ready for some juicy hugs, and some person is standing on my porch with a notebook or business card. Makes me want to slam the door and bolt it. I don’t want to sell my house, have my roof repaired, or the trees trimmed. Meh! Go away… Hugs, C

  3. My HOA has a rule against soliciting sales calls and our county requires they get a permit, so since our HOA says, nada, what do you think happens? Knock-knock and we all tell’em the same thing, “you are not allowed to solicit in our subdivision.” But no, some still try. Annoying! Leave Belladonna and Larry alone!

    1. Yes!!!! we have that same rule with our HOA and they still bother everyone. If they are in the subdivision working on someone’s home they go around letting everyone know about their business!
      LOL! Yes please leave us alone!!

  4. Oh my goodness, where have you been all of my life! How did you know that I needed XYZ product. Yes, yes, please come in and let’s chat all afternoon. You were hoping to sell one. This is your lucky day, I’m going to by 100 of XYZs! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Ummm, no. I do wonder sometimes what they think is going to happen. And I do understand that they’re just trying to make a living, but now I need to try to remember the great idea that I had in my head. Ha, ha. Hang in there Belladonna!!!!

    1. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! I love it!
      Yes let me embrace you and offer you a snack while I listen to your boring presentation.
      I don’t know about you but once my thought is gone it takes about 30 minutes while staring at the wall before it comes back. LOL

  5. Girl, what is up with these roofing companies? Even with our HOA having a sign posted that says NO SOLICITATION these jokers still insist on interrupting, especially since we had high winds throughout March, they are pushing to try to get the insurance to pay for a new roof. I filed for wind damage at my former house years ago, but that was justifiable. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. One time I went to the door holding my butcher knife, asking this solicitor, “May I help you?” while holding the knife aimed at them. Needless to say that was a very short sales pitch! 🤣😆😂

    1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not a butcher knife!!! They were probably like she has has to related to Madea.
      They don’t care about the sign our HOA put either. They are not allowed in here but like a roach they keep coming back. LOL

  6. We open the door with the chain still on. We used to get Jehovah’s Witnesses often. I still remember the first year my brother lived in Manhattan and let in some people who proceeded to try to get him to buy something. My grandma who had let him stay in the apt. during his studies was not amused.

    1. Yes, the Jehovah’s always make their rounds over to us in June or July. My mom used to invite them in and argue about the Bible. She would have her Bible in her hand and would talk their ear off. Needless to say they would leave as fast as they could.LOL
      I know your Grandma wasn’t amused!

  7. Omg! Be careful dear Belladonna!
    I can imagine Larry so cute in his igloo, so relax…
    Thank’s for share, have a lovely evening and relaxing time!

  8. I put a sign on my door thats say if yout trying to sell me sometging, solicit etc etc back up and walk back down the stairs and dont bother knockin. Delivery people get a kick out of it and its been working..

      1. I used to get alot of cable people stopping. Companies in Utah would send them in the summers, drove me nuts. Finally put that up and worked for me…Hope it helps!

  9. It just seems unreal for people to even think of going door-to-door about anything in this day and age. I’m with you; if I’ve not ordered something or I’m not already expecting you, please keep it moving. Lol

  10. I get it. During the lockdown part of the pandemic it was wonderful to not have anyone knocking on the door. Like you I get peeved when I lose my train of thought, which is what an unwanted door knocker does to me.

  11. I am with you 100%!!! A guy tried to sell me siding at 8 pm while I’m in the middle of putting my kids to bed. Rings the door, no joke, 8 times! I verbally reamed him and threatened to call the police.

    1. OMG!!!!! That is ridiculous and rude of him. That’s dangerous and suspicious activity. 8:00 may not seem late to some but it definitely is to my household. What a loser!
      You did the right thing for sure!

  12. OK so twice in the past month I’ve had strangers knocking on my door to ask if they can paint the outside of our home. I’m thinking to myself that’s a lot of money and I’m not going to just say yes to someone who randomly comes to my door 🤣 I totally get where you’re coming from!

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