The Half Truth

You know the old saying about what telling a half-truth means!

A Half Truth

Is a Whole LIE

Make no mistakes about a lie. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small; it’s still a lie. And it blows my mind how easy it is for people to lie about the simplest things.

Liars will take a little truth and mix it with a big lie. Then when they are confronted, they will cry, “I’ve changed”! 

But do liars ever change?

I have asked myself this my whole life. But, being that there are liars all around us, it forces me to do a double take on everyone new I meet. It’s a fear of mine to get close to people because I’m always waiting for their other shoes to drop.

Unfortunately, I have seen many shoes being dropped, and now I’m guarded.

Then I wonder whether women (new friends)can be friends without lies and petty bickering. I have one girlfriend that’s been my best friend my whole life, but she lives across the country, so there’s that. I had another best girlfriend, but she passed away years ago, so there’s that.

Since I’ve lived here, I have sunken my entire being in my kids and my husband because I didn’t want to get close to anyone. But, I did get closer than I wanted to a few and found that they lied, talked about each other, and then smiled in their faces. 

If they can do that to each other, they can and will do that to ME!

And I don’t need that kind of trouble. 

However, My kids are older, and I finally have time to meet and greet new friends and set up dinner, lunch, and shopping dates. So I’m putting positive vibes in the air for real honest friendships. 

Here goes nothing!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine and I’m honored!


53 Replies to “The Half Truth”

  1. Stay in prayer, Sis…always asking The Holy Spirit to reveal their hearts to you, before they can bring hurt or harm to your own💕 Truly, your Hubby is your best friend, and Praise God he is always there to rely on, and particularly when you need a shoulder to cry on🥰

    1. Amen Amen Amen!!!! Thank you for words and wisdom, I can’t agree more. If God isn’t bringing the people in my life then they can stay out. I am so blessed that God blessed me with my husband he is truly what I need!

  2. I’ve made and lost so many friends, and so-called friends over the years…..sometimes you just trust the wrong people, and sometimes others have agendas that are just way too negative….and what you see isn’t what some really are. I still trust, I’m always open….but also guarded….recently that old x-file line, trust no one….

    1. Warren I’m with ya my friend! I’ve lost some sso called friends anad it stung for a few seconds but in the end I wish them well. It does leaveme guarded and I’m trying hard not to let it but I’m so sick of people being back stabbers. It’s so frustraing. Trust no one seems to be about right!

  3. I find that making true friends is much harder when I’m older due to everyone (including me) being so set in their ways. But I have found that when I pursue the things I enjoy, such as book clubs, it’s easier to connect with people who could be future friends…

    1. Paula that’s the perfect place to meet my typs of people. It seems like the ladies I have met in the past were in competition with each other and didn’t have much going on. Just petty and trying so hard to act their shoe size.

  4. I’m not as offended when people lie to me anymore – I did take a big hit with a group of woman who were in recovery- and they just talked so poorly of me…so I gathered up my self and I have since moved much further forward.
    There was a reason -the universe knew it was time for me to align with kinder more authentic souls ❤️And that’s exactly what has happened
    Soooo my point: liars not liars IT ALL ENDS UP GOOD lol 😂

  5. A Half Truth
    Is a Whole LIE

    Yep, you betcha! Girl…liars come and go so quickly!!! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ Stay prayed up girlfriend! They are like hemorrhoids chasing your butt! 🤣😝😂

  6. I hope you find sincere, trustworthy, and kind friends. Probably hard to match your badassness but you are very affirming of women, so I believe you will attract what you put out there. Friends deserving of your authenticity! Your family is blessed by your dedication. I understand pouring everything into family – it’s now time for you! Good friends enrich us and if we’re lucky, laugh with us. I’ve known my closest friends since childhood. Special bonds that I am so grateful for. 💞

    1. Thank you foor that Michele!!! I would be so thrilled if my best friend since 1st grade wasn’t so far away. Now that I have the time too really meet new people, I’m a little nervous but hopeful!
      Good friends are such a blessing.

      1. You are welcome, Belladonna. Distance does make it very challenging to get together, if not impossible. 😢 One of my best friends moved last year but to my incredible fortune she moved not far from my daughter. I miss them both, but nice to see both when I go. Meeting people can be hard, especially over the last few years, but things are better, and with your outgoing and caring personality you will attract quality friends.

      2. That’s wonderful!!!! My daughter did an internship last summer and she was 45 minutes away from my best friend, that made my heart so happy.
        Thank you so much, I’m definitely going to put positive energy out in hopes of getting drama free friends. It’s so funny that my favorite people to chat with are my older clients, they are chill and so grateful to be alive! I love being with them so right now my new bestie is about 83🤦🏽‍♀️🤣

  7. Aww, lady. I hope you’ll meet genuine good people to be powerful forces in your life. I truly do. Stay prayed up about the people you want–God already has them handpicked for you. 🙏🏾💙

  8. It could be me or just a guy thing, but I do find it harder to make great friends now. I suspect I’m more discriminating now. I don’t have patience for what you mentioned: lying, talking behind other’s backs, etc. For example, I feel like the friends I’ve made via blogging are much stronger friendships than some of the friends I’ve made in real life. I don’t know . . . could be a guy thing. Or just my crazy brain. In any event, good luck Belladonna!!!!!

    1. Brian it’s definitely not just you or a guy thing. It si extremely hard to meet genuine people. I’m like you, the older I get the less patience I have for foolishness. The blogging people are just cut from different cloth. Love this community so much!
      Thank you Brian!

  9. My online friendships keep me content. The last couple of girlfriends I had popped back into my life from childhood and young adulthood. Talk about having serious realizations of why I walked away back then! One was a liar to the point of wondering if she had a psychological diagnosis, and the other tried to humiliate anyone with a different political view. No, thank you, my online friendships are more satisfying. I love your blog, Bella Donna.

    1. That is so sad that folks can be so miserable. I’m so ggld I wrote this post because helps me to see that I’m not only in feeling this way. I wish it was easier to meet good people. I”m with ya about my online friends, some of the best people I’ve met in YEARS!
      Thank you so much and I feel the same way about your blog.

  10. Here is to finding authentic friends who are as in touch with themselves as you are and to creating the space in which everyone feels free to be honest! <

  11. I’ve never heard that saying, but it is so true. I’ve known too many *fibbers* to ever trust them after they show me who they are. I may be accused of being blunt at times, but I am honest.

    1. Ally I’m so blunt and the look in my face says it all. I appreciate people who are the same. Talking behind backs and fibbers just don’t sit well with me.

  12. I hear you!! As always. I totally was this family person who couldn’t be pushed to prioritize any other obligatory cycles in friendships so stayed content within myself. And now am best with one on one friendships – I can trust them to be whatever they are in the moment – knowing they may just decide to change. Finding my way still, and finding more contentment with myself.

    1. You always state everything perfectly!!!! I appreciate one on friendships so much. I never enjoyed being around large groups. And oh how I love my alone time 💖💖💖

  13. And this is why my circle of friends is very small but tight and enduring. It is very hard to make new friends in midlife, especially when you’ve moved to a foreign country by yourself. It doesn’t help that the introvert in me is so good with being alone, or that I have a hair-trigger eject button when bullshit surfaces. But, I’m finding that good energy attracts good energy when I put myself out there, and I’ve actually made some new women friends in Portugal. Liars are everywhere and I’ve crossed paths with a few here too. If I can do it, I know vibrant you will meet women worthy of your trust and friendship. Sending hugs 💜

    1. Thank you for this!!!! I love being alone too.
      Now that my kids are older I’m ready to meet some like minded women. I love my husband but…. 🤣🤣🤣

  14. I find that some friends come and go in life, but I have forever friends too, and when I’m with them I always feel special, loved, inspired. See how people make you feel when you are with them and stick with the ones who make you feel cared for and inspired. Hugs, C

    1. My best friend just told me to go sit down 🤣🤣🤣 but she’s so far away she leaves me no other choice!

      It’s so damn special when you have friends that do that. Motherhood has put me out of the loop but I’m ready again 😍

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