Look After Yourself Friday

Self-care ISN’T selfish!!! So with that being said, what are y’all going to do today to look after yourself?

Every Friday, I do something or multiple things that make me feel rejuvenated. 

Today I woke up and began prep work for my oatmeal. If you haven’t tried these, I highly recommend yoou do so. And I drank 40 ounces of water (slowly over 2 hours).

Then I did my workout, Cardio and Heavyweights. Today is leg day, so I always GO OFF and put in double the work.

I powered down with my Green Monster.

Freshened up and headed to the spa with my beautiful daughter for facials and massages.

Later I will be making a delicious margarita, and hopefully, I won’t end like Carl!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. Take care of yourself Friday is rough on me this week. I work at a restaurant. It is Lent, March Madness, and St. Patrick’s day. The best thing I did for myself was made sure I got a good amount of sleep, and made sure to wear some green and gold eye shadow today.

  2. yeah…today was weird (so far)..I think it finally kicked in that I am retired, a 2nd time….I do not have to rush to do anything, driving to the gym, hitting the weights, going for a run……I have nothing to rush towards…..actually, yeah. one bad thing, years ago I remember I had a dentist appointment booked, woke up, decided I really wanted to go for a run and workout instead…..and yeah, sometimes cancelling an appointment can cost $$….and sometimes it’s rude to do it and leave someone else hanging, but I thought? I can do anything I want…it’s my life right?…..that was kind of liberating to understand that….and now, even more so…..so yeah, lots of traffic, it took longer thanusual to get to my gym….but so what?….I still got there, on my time……it’s my time, no one else cares…..

    1. Owning your own time is sa beautiful thing. WE should all do that more. Thank you for sharing that story with me, it totally makes sense. WEE have to learn how to take our time back and some appointments just haave to be cancelled! WHO CARES they will get over it!

  3. Wow! Wonderful treatment! You know how to do ti dear Belladonna.
    Love it! Cheers with the margatita for Carl,…
    Thank’s for share, lovely Friday.

  4. Back to reading your blog Bella, because its very inspirational and a swift kick in the butt i need now and again 😁

      1. I get to the gym just about every day now, and the days I don’t I try to be as active as possible😁

  5. I celebrated yesterday with a glass [or two] of white wine. I didn’t put any green food coloring in it, even though a friend suggest I do that. NOT adding the color to my wine was my self-care for the day! 😁

  6. Thanks for the overnight oats recipes😋I think I’ll surprise my 12 year old son with this, one of these mornings. Also it’s filled with the carbs and potassium he’ll need to run track, after school.

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