Take up SPACE

“I might not be a Victoria’s Secret Model, but I could pick one up and squat her.”

Public Service Announcement

Hey ladies, guess what? It’s time to take up space. 

Enough is enough, and I need y’all to begin lifting heavy weights, eating your carbohydrates and protein, drinking water, and taking up SPACE.

No more calorie counting and missing out on the foods you love. All you have to do is learn how to balance and enjoy all things in moderation. It may sound complicated, but once you make this your lifestyle and not a get skinny-quick scheme, you’ll see how easy of a goal this is to reach.

Today I stumbled across this!

I found myself punching the air because I am so sick of interviewers asking women that look like they eat air all day about their eating and fitness routine. Gwyneth Paltrow is the last person I would try to get fitness advice from.

For God’s sake, her meals are bone broth, soup, coffee, and vegetables. Who in the hell is trying to only limit themselves to that? And how would you have enough energy throughout the day?

Being skinny SHOULDN’T be your goal, but being healthy and fit should be. Being thin does not equate to being healthy. Some of my leanest clients are my most unfit. 

When I was 138 pounds, I suffered from headaches, stomach pains, and low energy, but all that suffering ended when I decided to take up space. Food and weight training became my best friends and the cure I needed to help me grow mentally and physically, and our relationship doesn’t waver. 

At this point in my life, I am focused on taking up space and teaching other women to do the same. My way of life may not help you look like a Victoria’s Secret Model, but I guarantee you can’t lift one, two, or three and squat them!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. I hate the word Diet, and what it now means…I always walk into book stores, see all the books on diets, turn around, and see all the cook books about cooking real food…..seems simple……heard the best line ever, someone saying she could be a supermodel, she knows how to dress and walk…

    1. I hate that word! Ughhh I hate all those books, they assume one way works for everyone and it doesn’t.
      I hear people say that tone another all the time, referring to how they could be a super model. Insert EYE ROLL

    1. Thank you Grace! LOL
      I love fitness and ladies know that food and weights is so needed for us mentally and physically. And if you can squat a few VS models then you are winning! LOLOL

  2. I think Jax’s “Victoria’s Secret” song is a nice breath of fresh air and one that resonates with a lot of girls/women. You’re so right & your quote is spot on.

    1. Thank you!!! I love that song so much and I best it for my girls. Victoria’s Secret is made up by a man for men and then they want women to fall in line with their vision. Not going to happen but I will squat a few of them. LOL

    1. I laughed so hard at that video. It was so silly but on point. Can you imagine only having bone broth and veggies. I love bone broth but not as a meal.

  3. You’re right, these quick fix diets ARE schemes. And they don’t work because they don’t teach you how to make positive choices a habit rather than a vacation.

      1. I noticed recently that Samara was doing the same thing I did when I was young. When in public, she would act like she was always in everybody else’s way and she would immediately move and apologize. Even if she was there first. Even if she was behaving the same as everyone else, aka shopping for groceries. She felt like she always needed to move first. She was shrinking to get out of peoples way cause she thought she was wrong for just being there. I recognized it cause I was the same. So now we have tons of talks about taking up space without apology. She isn’t wrong for being there, especially because she is naturally considerate. She isn’t wrong for doing what everyone else is doing. She can exist and take space and not feel bad for it. No more shrinking! 😊

      2. You gave me chills!!!!! Thank you for sharing this. No more shrinking. You are telling her right and doing such a good job.
        Buy this book for her! It’s titled Nicee Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office. My daughter read it this semester in college and she loved it. Tell her to be loud, articulate and stand tall with six inch heels. We WILL NOT SHRINK!


  4. Applauding! Yes, Belladonna, the time has come when women practice honoring who they are, regardless of what body shape. I AM taking up space MY way and will only eat what is good and nutritious for me. I hit the gym and make sure I honor this Temple in all ways … as all women need to learn. Just yesterday I interacted with a large beautiful young woman who complained how large she was. I thought she was beautiful. We come in ALL sizes!

    1. Thank you Amy Rose!!!!! I pray that young lady realizes that her size does not define here beauty.
      You areee doing a great job! Nutrition and working out is so important.Keep taking up space beautiful!!!!

  5. You are very welcome. Isn’t it interesting how we can do something ourselves and think that’s what we’re supposed to do or that we deserve it but then we see our kids do it and we’re like “Oh, wait, Heck no!!”

      1. Girl anytime, I got you. I love a good book too and I was so happy to see that my oldest daughter grow after reading this one. She is my morepolite kiddo and sometimes we can’t be polite or we’ll get stomped on.

    1. Girl yes!!!! We learn so much from raising them. We want our girls to not make the same mistakes we did. You are a great mom! If I think of any other books, I will let you know right away.

  6. Child please! 🙄 This isn’t real world advice. Maybe that works for her and God bless her if it does, but honey I am not looking to blow away with the wind. I was born a little shy of 9 pounds, so I was born eating solid food! LMBO!!! 🤣😜😂

    1. LMAO!!!! Girl I’m with you, I was born to eat!
      Gwineth has lost her mind if she thinks this diet should be spoken about out loud. Some darn broth and soup.. Chile Boo!

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