A Sunday Kind Of Love

I Never write late-night after-dark posts. But today, I was in the mood.

There’s something about the night that makes Love feel really REAL. And I don’t mean sex but pure Love. You know, the type of Love that is there when your makeup is off, your hair is pulled in your nighttime ball or four twists if you’re like me.

And then your significant other looks at you and says you are BEAUTIFUL! At that point, you know you are loved because of who you are, and they fell in Love with all you are.

Pillow talks starts at night and it ends in the morning.

This is that Sunday type of Love. The Love that you know will last forever. Just two friends hanging out in the simplest of forms and loving each other. When you’re with this person, you don’t feel the need to be out and about just for the sake of being out. But you long for the moments of passion and space shared by the two of you.

Love may be chaotic and hard to maintain Monday through Thursday because of your schedule. Friday Love may be tipsy from trying to recover from the previous days. Saturday love might be the same as Friday. But that Sunday, Love is slow and smooth. 

Real Love reminds me of that Sunday Love. I’m putting Love into the atmosphere in hopes of you catching…….

Not a Monday

Not a Tuesday

Not a Wednesday

Not a Thursday

Not a Friday

Not a Saturday

But that Sunday kind of LOVE

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


40 Replies to “A Sunday Kind Of Love”

  1. Beautifully said! Indeed, a love that takes your breath, holds you deeply, when you’re the most vulnerable. A love, that speaks to your heart, looks deep into your soul. That says you’re beautiful, whenever it catches a glimpse, at the real you!

  2. Wow! Wow! Wonderful post! Wise woman you are, dear Belladonna, agree with there is an special moment for only for us, in silent, calm, in a cozy mood. So beautiful words! Thank’s for share. Have a lovely time!

  3. I love this i am sharing with my wedding clients. You summed it up so nicely.

      1. My Sweet Friend – Thank you for the smile on me from your happiness :))) Life has been kind and I am grateful to be back – one early morn poem that came through me, urged me to get back here …Much Love to you and wish you numerous Sunday Loves 🙂

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