What do Women Want?

We want it all!!!

No, seriously, we do want and need many, many things. And there isn’t a damn thing wrong with that. I wish I could stand on top of a mountain and scream down;


And all the women in the world would hear me.

The other day I was talking to a single, beautiful woman. She has no kids, a fantastic career, and a kick-ass personality, but she has a significant flaw. She said she didn’t want to be too picky about her ideal man.

I’m like, WHAT the hell do you mean by too picky?

She told me she didn’t want to seem too demanding by expecting her future husband to be able to check all of her boxes. She would rather come across as less demanding than to scare a man away by expecting him to have all of the following attributes:

  1. God fearing
  2. College-educated
  3. Light to Amusing personality
  4. Dress well
  5. Good job
  6. Kind-hearted
  7. Heterosexual and not Bisexual
  8. Nice groomed haircut
  9. Family orientated

And that’s it! That’s all she had on her list of must-haves, or I should say to her, “I would like to have list”.

I told her I didn’t see anywhere on that list where she said he had to be perfect. If she had written that, I would have told her that she was now being foolish. NO one is perfect!

Women, we can have our ideal man; there isn’t anyone or anything preventing us from having exactly what we want. We can be picky, but we can’t be delusional. Of course, there is a fine line between picky and delusional, but as long as you state realistic attributes, go right ahead.

Ladies, it’s time for us to stop thinking that our shortlist is a long list and that we’re asking for too much. 

So what do women want? We want what we want, the way we want it. 

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


45 Replies to “What do Women Want?”

  1. I’m glad you told her there was nothing wrong with her list. I thought I was about to read a list that stated that the man had to be 8’2″ with a 10 figure job or something (LOL). What she’s asking for isn’t a lot.

  2. Well damn Belladonna! Sorry girl, I buried that list a loooonnnnngggggggg time ago. However girlfriend, I do have certain standards that have to be met! 😂😲🤣 Happy International Women’s Day to you ladybug!!! 👩🏽‍⚕️🙏🏼🕵🏽‍♀️

  3. This right here:

    “We can be picky, but we can’t be delusional.”


    I have a short list for the woman or man I seek, and I won’t deviate from it. I’ve seen what settling can get people. 🥺

  4. Never settle…. Yes we want many things and there is nothing wrong with that. Marriage isn’t something you enter with the mindset of managing one another.

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