When to make a U-turn

You thought you were traveling down the right path, but then you realized you needed to make a U-turn.

You avoided the Uturn and figured if you kept going straight for a little while longer, you’d eventually be able to turn right or left to get you back on your path. But every time you looked left and right, all roads led to a dead end, so you traveled further. 

Now here you are, way out of your way and still refusing to make that U-turn; however, if you had made that Uturn 30 minutes ago, you’d be where you needed to be by now.

Why are we scared to make a U-turn?

I have messed up in life more times than I can count, and every single time, God picked me up, made a U-trun, and set my behind back at the point I started. I knew it was okay for me to make a U-turn because I was headed the wrong way.

With every U-turn, I became better equipped to handle the unexpected things life throws us.

You can plan on traveling down a particular path in life and truly feel as though you have life all figured out. And then life happens, or you discover that that particular path isn’t yours. So now you have choices to make.

  1. Keep on going down a path that no longer interests you
  2. Pause for the cause and waste a lot of precious time pondering
  3. Make a U-turn

Going down a path with no interest

Choosing this path can lead to living an unfulfilled, empty life. You’ll constantly wonder if I had chosen a different route would I be happier, healthier, wealthier, and living the life I deserve?

Pause for the cause

Stopping and reasoning about your options is often necessary; however, overthinking can hinder success. Overthinking can lead to talking yourself right out of a good path. So if you pause for the cause, make it a quick one and put a time limit on your pause.

Make a U-turn

Sometimes you must be self-aware, know when enough is enough, and when it’s time to make a U-turn. Making a U-turn is not an indication that you aren’t going to get back on the right path. If anything, it shows that you are taking the proper steps to go where YOU need and want to go.

Don’t fear making a U-turn because of judgment from others, they don’t have to live with the deciscions you make. Nor do they know what’s best for you. When you’re heading the wrong way, you are the only person besides God that can turn your situation around. 

It’s okay to make a U-turn when you’re headed the wrong way!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


44 Replies to “When to make a U-turn”

  1. This is spot on! I’ve made more than my share of emergency U-turns in this life. Cringe worthy! When you realize you’re lost, or going deeper into trouble, turn the hell around! Great post! 💕C

    1. Thank you Cheryl! I have had to turn the hell around several times and I’m okay with that. They all lead to funny stories and life lessons that can help my kids. I made enough mistakes for the whole damn family! LOL

  2. U-turns are a part of life and sometimes you just have to make some changes. I think we’re all afraid of that but honestly sometimes a U-turn is much needed. Great post!

  3. The U-turns of life are where the lessons happen, and you’re right, we can’t concern ourselves with what others might think. We are the drivers.

    1. LOLOLOL I hear you! I have road around and around a time or two or three but as women we eventually make a Uturn and get right back on track.

  4. Most people are stuck in a rut because of not wanting to make a U-turn. Thanks for finger pointing the U-turn part because, I am from that path and got liberated. ❤️

  5. Overthinking…the nightmare I can’t seem to escape…but you are right, those U turns are needed sometimes. I know for me, sometimes I head down the wrong path and I can feel my heart telling me to turn around or it screaming “Abort! Abort!”, but I keep on down that path because I’m afraid to turn around.

    1. This is the best comment and so real!!!! I have had my inner voice cussing me out and telling me to turn my behind around. And I kept skipping down the wrong path. But we live and we learn.

  6. Yes girlfriend, know when enough is enough, and when it’s time to make a U-turn. There you go! You got to be aware and know when it’s time to change stuff up a bit or stuff will be turning YOU! 🤩🦋🥳💖🥰

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