This is when you RUN!

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

Picture it, the year was 1991, and I met my nighmare of a boyfriend.

Here I am in 9th grade, having fun with my friends and being involved in basketball, track, band, and the school newspaper. Then in steps, this goofy-ass-looking teenage boy. He’s a few years older than me, has no friends, is super weird, and walks like a duck, yet I was intrigued.

You’re probably wondering, “why in the hell were you intrigued”?

Well, let me explain; I was an idiot; end of the story, I was, for whatever reason feeling low about myself, and allowed this demon walk into my life.

He was the DEVIL. I would not have been surprised to see him slithering around on his stomach.

When his raggedy ass slithered into my life, he would tell me that other girls were prettier than me, they had better hairstyles than I did, and he would often remind me that I dressed like a cornball.

Yeah, he was great (sarcasm)!

I allowed this duck-walking fool to single handly destroy my confidence. 

Let me tell you, it took years and years for me to bounce back. After I ended our relationship, I had nightmares that he was still lurking around. And oh, the damn relief I would feel when I realized it was just a nightmare.

Answering the prompt

To answer the prompt, I would tell my teenage self the following.

When a goofy ass, duck-walking fool comes near you, RUN. Run for your life, and don’t look back. This bastard is coming to steal your joy, happiness, and energy, and he will feel you with insecurities. It will take years for you to undo the wrong he did.

You are better than that sweet girl. So if you see him coming, this is when you RUN!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


76 Replies to “This is when you RUN!”

  1. So glad you escaped from him, Belladonna! ❤️

    In college, I met this weird guy who lived on my floor. He would constantly compare other girls to me, as if it were a sport. I felt so crappy about myself I dropped out!!! Yet I dated him long distance for another year. Ughhh…

    1. Paula why do we do this to ourselves!!! I hate it!
      He compared me to everyone and I felt like an ugly troll but yet I stayed with this ass for far too long. I know you’re like me and had your girls back!!!

  2. Oh no, not the raggedy ass, duck-walking fool who slithered into your life, trying to break your confidence? Oh, hell no! I wonder what he looks like today? 🤔 Probably lost all of his hair and look tore up from the flo’ up! SMH 🤣😜😂

  3. Wow, you were a busy 9th grader full of ambition. Glad you moved forward. I just remember being teased in my small town by some bully names Pfanstiel who I would call Fatsteel behind his back. He used to throw things at me in lab class.

  4. I think all of us go through these types of events/people …… and we learn! (Well, some of us learn, other like to repeat the same mistake over and over!)

  5. Girl! I feel this! I too have also had confidence shattered by shady men and dreams of their lingering presence. It’s very disturbing.
    Here’s to the strong ones who get away and learn better and get to share what we now know. 🤗💚💥

  6. That duck knew that you were a beautiful swan who could float away to do and find better.

    He intended to make you an insecure chicken to hold you in the grips of his bullshit “quacks”.

    Nobody wanted him so he was bitter and tried to lower your self-esteem to make you believe you could do no better. You should have told him to kiss your ass and then farted in his face afterwards after talking all of his stupid shit!

  7. I got a few boy toy stories 😂. A few boys that should have stayed toys. My children’s father for 1. I met him when I was 18, wowww if I knew then what I know now, I would’ve let him go the same year that I met him. I fell in love with his looks, back then. Emphasis on “back then”. I thought I was in love, but, really I was a horny teenager only with him because back then to me he looked like my favorite rapper. Tupac. A couple months ago, he face timed me and his looks left me in shock 😲😮 . Anyway, I knew about everything that he was doing behind my back but I still stayed. He just thought that he was God’s gift to any woman that wanted him. I wanted him so whenever he wanted to have sex with me, I was ready. I knew that it was lust we both had for each other. My mind just stayed in the gutter with him. I stayed, left, went back, and stayed again. Our on again off again situation ship lasted for 6 year’s. Smdh… When I look back at it, OMG we were so goofy and not in a laughable way.

    1. You just told a story we could all tell! LOLOLO
      I have to cringe when I think back and to think we thought they were all that and a bag of chips. I recently saw a pic of this gguy I used to like and Lawd have mercy I felt like slapping myself. I don’t like to talk about peoples look but girl he looks like a roach.
      I enjoyed yyour comment so much! Thank you for reading.

  8. I’ve Been with my MIRCLE for 28 years! LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF HER! Women are a PRIVILEGE Not A right!!!

  9. I can totally relate to you..
    I also ran for my life in the end🙃
    “Vampire” that’s what I call him, cause he sucked the life out of me..
    Ps- Now I’m happier than ever 😊

  10. It’s something that happens to everyone right? But why oh why does this seem to happen to mostly just us women??
    I have 2 daughters. I hope they never fall into this same trap.
    Good for you gurl…💖 – Di

    1. it happens to often and I’m like you,I have two daughters and if some loser approached them I would lay him flat! It takes years to get your head back right.

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