The Company You Keep

Says a lot about you.

I’m a people watcher and pray for God to show me who someone is.

I have three children and always advise them to stay clear from people that aren’t coming with genuine intentions. If the friendship feels off, then it is off. If you can’t be yourself, then don’t lose yourself, especially for folks that are only meant to be in your life for a season.

Have you ever found yourself running around with people you knew were bad for you?

 I have, and it was usually because I was bored and looking for a change.

Therefore I went against my better judgment and wasted my time on many fools. I get embarrassed when I sit back and think about how ridiculous these individuals are. And they still are to this very day!

Now it’s one thing to be young or in your early 20s and still learning the process of elimination when it comes to the bad seeds in your life. But if you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s, and up, then you should be slapped. And believe me, I will be first in line to get smacked right in the head.

Story Time About Fools

I was turning 40 when I met a pack of fools. They were a bunch of ladies desperately trying to hang on to their youth. Unfortunately, their actions screamed 15 years old! And here I was, just trying to meet new people, and I had no idea what I had gotten myself into, but very quickly, I learned.

We couldn’t go to dinner or gather for a birthday party without all of their phones being out and taking one picture after another. All I wanted to do was eat, laugh, talk, and enjoy my cocktail. I just wanted a quick little outing without my kids and then come home refreshed and ready to perform all my mommy duties (which never seems to end, and I’m okay with that).

But instead, I ended up venting to my close friends and husband about the night. 

There was always side talk during the night about one another, followed by smiles for the camera. And soon, I became so sick of rolling my eyes and venting I knew I had to change my environment.

And I did just that when I remembered an old saying, “You ain’t no better than the company you keep.”

Sometimes we have to check ourselves and ensure we are in good company. The type of company that is productive, loving, supportive, and intellectually moved.

If you’re hanging around a bunch of fools, don’t be surprised when you start looking and acting like a damn fool yourself.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


43 Replies to “The Company You Keep”

  1. So true, Belladonna . Great post. I learned my lesson years ago which is why I have a limited amount of friends. I would much rather be alone than in the presence of bad company.💕

  2. Very true. I have recently left a very toxic no win work situation for a part time gig. I am happier and healthier. Sometimes there is no winning and you must cut your losses.

  3. That was me in and post high school….I was hooked up with, well, bad influences, but not in a good way….thought they were good friends, but weren’t…..I call it my lost 6 years, once I moved away things changed, but I also lost the ability to trust pretty much anyone..I always just expect any new friend to be more of the same….interesting thing though, a lot of people that new me back then, point out, they occasionally wondered what I was thinking? And at least one says she did try to reach out to me then…..I really wish I’d listened….my life has turned out okay since, but those 6 years still have an impact……

    1. Warren I’m so sorry you feel this way and I hope this changes. People can be so cruel and ignorant and they have no clue what a negative impact they have on people.
      Sometimes people suck!!!

  4. Very true. When I was high school age, I wanted to be with the popular people so I hung out with them despite a lack of common interests. They stepped over me (I did all the work for a group project and they took it before I could see the final grade) and now I don’t care to be popular – just whether I’m with good people.

    1. That’s all that matters! Being with people you trust and makes your soul feel good! I think we all went through that in high school, just trying to fit in.

  5. Girlfriend, I don’t know why your post reminds me of the movie, “Get Out!” Toxic relationships…ain’t nobody got time for that! 😜 I think we were on the same wavelength with our topics for today! 😍 And you are so right, be careful of the company you keep! 😲

  6. A similar saying I’ve always liked is “you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. Same idea as the quotes you’ve posted above, of course!

  7. Very interesting post. It’s true that the company we keep does affect ourselves and our life. We should be smart enough to know who’s good and who’s not for us.

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