Why not today

Today is just as good as any day; to have a great day!

The energy that you put into this day will determine what tomorrow will look like for you.

We can choose to be positive, or we can choose to finish out this day negatively. But we must remember that we are here in this world for a short time. So we have to do all we can to make it a productive time, and the bottom line is we can’t achieve this with a negative mindset.

Way too often, we have a notion of putting things off until tomorrow, and we quickly find out that tomorrow never comes. We continue to push back healthy habits and healthy mindest off for another day because we aren’t ready to commit to better. And I don’t understand why we do this!

We only gain a negative disposition from pushing off healthy habits. Then we complain about feeling stagnant or not having the things we desire.

The truth is we never will possess the more extraordinary things in life with a negative front or procrastination. 

If we want better, we must do better TODAY, not TOMORROW.

So here we are, honored and blessed with this beautiful Saturday evening. I hope you make this day/night count by bringing positive energy to the table.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


32 Replies to “Why not today”

      1. It was dear Nightbirde words dear Belladonna. She had cancer with a 2% chance of surviving. A beautiful young lady who left our world better than she received it. She is a angel now.

      2. I hate cancer. I lost many in the past year. Most were old but when the young women and young women die. Hard on the family dear Belladonna.

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