Positive Affirmation ~Six Word Story~ (FLAWS)

I don’t think you’ve lived until you learned to love yourself. Yeah, sure, it’s easy to love who you are when you’re all fixed up and looking your best. 

But what about when all your flaws are exposed?

When I first began making fitness videos for my clients, I thought they would pick me apart and judge me for all my flaws. I’m not talking about body issues, but things I can’t change unless I have plastic surgery. 

This isn’t an option for me because I see what others may see as flaws as beauty. I am who I am because of my flaws, and; I love them all.

Here is my positive affirmation in six words; 

My flaws are my favorite part.

I would love to hear your positive affirmation. 

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


48 Replies to “Positive Affirmation ~Six Word Story~ (FLAWS)”

  1. YES!!! Our bodies tell our stories! I am 54, had three full term pregnancies, gained and lost 50 pounds in my 40s, have had 2 knee surgeries, 2 biopsies, hand surgery, and lots of stitches, gashes and scars. I have my mother’s loose skin and my father’s big nose. I am just as I should be. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Oh how I love this and you Belladonna! I’m sitting in the doublewide chair, it’s early morning, and the sun is just coming up. I love the early morning. I’m thinking my affirmation today has to be “I am grateful for all of God’s creations, including me.” Hugs, C

  3. It’s the flaws that no one else can see that really give me pause. You know those ones you have to have  private conversations with God about . When I spend time loving the heart and soul of me, you can’t tell me I’m not cute, even with no makeup, bad hair days and my belly bulge.

    1. Those are the best ones that I love the most. And you are a natural, beautiful knockout and always will be.
      God blessed me with meeting you and for that I’m grateful!

  4. Our flaws can be our biggest assets sometimes, and we don’t realize it because others try to dehumanize us with them and we fall for the okie doke. You know where they can go and how fast they can get their right? 🤬 I don’t need to fill in the blank! 😲 Besides, who doesn’t have a flaw and screw plastic surgery. You don’t want to go around looking like a Pufferfish now do you??? 🤣🐡😱🐡😝🐡😂 Also, I think what others may say is your flaw is something they really want! Hmmmmm… 🤔

      1. Sho nuff!!! 🎤🎤🎤 They can’t do any better and they don’t want you to do any better. Back down before you get beat down. We ain’t havin’ it…not today and what???
        Tomorrow ain’t lookin’ too good either! 🤜🏼🤛🏼

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