You are wrong

If you don’t want to be wrong, you will never be right!

I’m exhausted; I mean literally exhausted. How do you continue to have conversations with someone that refuses to wrong?

The evidence of the truth can smack them dead in the face, and they will continue to plead their case. Then, they will try to convince you that they’re right. And not just right about one thing but about everything.

Mistake 1

When you want to be correct, you automatically tune valuable information out the window. They need to give themselves more time to absorb any given information. Instead of listening, they are thinking of a rebuttal. If they aren’t listening, then how can they grow mentally?

Mistake 2

When they try to prove how right they are, they sound ignorant. A simple conversation turns into a shit show. And the one who accepts being wrong is turned off from talking to that person anymore.

The glory of making mistakes come when you figure out how to turn your mistakes into success. The more mistakes we make, the more we will learn and become an expert at our craft. 


This, to me, is the same as being wrong. It’s okay to be wrong; It’s okay to admit that you’re wrong and someone else is right. 

I find it so frustrating when I’m talking to someone, and they suddenly become an expert on every subject. And it’s clear as the day they are making things up as they rattle along. I’m screaming and wanting to shake the shit out of them in my head, but I remain silent. That is, unless the subject matter is essential to me; otherwise, I stay quiet and think terrible thoughts.

What thoughts?

Glad you asked; My main thought is YOU ARE WRONG, you’re an idiot and will remain one because you don’t want to be better. To you, being right is more important than learning, listening, and bettering themselves!

Humans frustrate me, but this type of human makes me spitfire!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


26 Replies to “You are wrong”

  1. I have a couple people in my life who like to talk just to hear themselves talk. I truly to avoid them. They are never wrong.

  2. I have a friend kind of a friend who’s like that…even when I finally agree with him to shut him up, he continues to argue….I just shake my head and carry on…

    1. That is the worst!!!!! I have a “friend” that will argue and then I’ll agree and then she will switch up her argument. At that point I’m just confused and walk away. 🤦🏽‍♀️ she’s not about to drive me crazy

      1. I feel like you jumped right in my head on this one! My 2 big immediate thoughts were, #1. That is gaslighting at its finest, and by finest I mean a load of crap😉. #2. Know-it-all’s make me wanna scream, which is what I do in my head the entire time they are talking.
        You know what I need for times like this(often?? A punching bag. An actual one😏 I used to have one, and I miss it.

      2. 🤣🤣 Girl yesssssssss!!! Put a pic of them right on the bag and go for broke!!! I’m with ya for sure. Ugggh talk about aggravating!

  3. Some people do not want to accept the truth. And when you go to explain or give a reasoning they do not even want to allow you to get a word out only to later find out just how wrong they were.

    Some will admit their error and apologize others will make excuses after coming to the realization of their erroneous rants, statements, or misconception about something and instead of just admitting they were wrong to avoid giving you the credit that you deserve they simply downplay the entire situation.

      1. Yes! They are very annoying.

        The best thing to do is to just avoid those type of people all together. Deep down inside they know the real deal they just resent you for being right and want to give you a hard time.

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