Damn Mama you’re thick…and you have two teeth

Repost because , well why not!

Men, this post is for you!!!

Well, let me clarify which type of man I’m referring to. This is for the men that feel the need to walk past a woman and say, “Damnnnnnnn, you’re thick.”

Okay, now that I’m writing this, It’s dawned on me that those men probably can’t read or can read but rather watch porn.

The other day I was in the city minding my own business. I had a bunch of coupons in my hand and all of my products in my cart. But before I ended my shopping trip, I made one last stop by the makeup section in CVS. And that’s when I saw Mr. Charming! He was licking his lips ( I HATE THAT); he glared at me with his beady red eyes and gave me a wink and a crooked smile.

I rolled my eyes!

He pretended to look at eye shadow.

I peaked over to see the color he chose and thought, “sir, bluish-green is not your best choice, but whatever do you.”

You may have guessed he wasn’t looking at that eye shadow. Instead, he slowly edged my way and said, “damn little mama, you sure are thick.”

I took my cart and began slamming it into him repeatedly. Then, finally, I stomped on his face once he was down on the ground, and I yelled I might be thick, but you only have two teeth. Okay, maybe I didn’t do that, but I really wanted to. I had a quick mental flash of performing those acts, and it was so gratifying. 

Instead, I said nothing; I just walked away. And that pissed me off even more. I hate that “crappy” men feel they can say anything to a woman, and me being a woman, MUST consider that this guy may be a lunatic with a gun, and you could possibly be his next victim.

I hate going into the city!

Rant over…..Happy Wednesday!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


38 Replies to “Damn Mama you’re thick…and you have two teeth”

  1. I know that anger. We keep silent for our personal safety. If you haven’t already done so, I would recommend that you read Feminist City: Claiming Space in a Man-made World by Leslie Kern (Verso, 2020).

  2. Lord, help us. Belladonna, I went there with you in your fantasy girlfriend. 😡🥊🥋 I think someone wrote about the lamest, BS of pickup lines that left you feeling bewildered about whether or not they have functioning brains, eventhough you weren’t looking to get picked up unless it was by an Uber. 🤨😮🤔 But the two teeth though…LMAO It was also tempting to say, “I ain’t little, I ain’t yo’ mama, I ain’t a slab of beef steak, and my name is not Thick. Holla! 🤣😆😅😄😂

  3. Thick headed men drive me bonkers. When I read the lines about you slamming your cart into him repeatedly, I was thinking, awesome, Belladonna! Yet, I know violence is not the answer, however, all of this toxic masculinity BS does try my patience, and I don’t have to deal with their disgusting and crude behavior. Okay, rant over. Thank you for posting this today, Belladonna!

  4. I was rooting for you and your shopping cart! I have been there so many times and I always feel the same way. I have envisioned many similar things! Having to constantly be concerned for our safety is beyond old and exhausting. I did love the way you wove humor into the telling of something so serious. Sometimes it feels like you can laugh or you can go crazy. Choosing a bit of lightness really helps us breathe. 🤗💚

    1. Being a woman is exhausting!!!! If you smile the skanks will come for you if you ignore them the skanks will come for you if you say something rude to get them away they will still
      Come for you.
      They just don’t care how uncomfortable you feel!

      1. Sadly true. I’ve gotten so good at putting out a very clear invisible signal that makes it clear that approaching me like that is a bad idea. It’s the only way to have some peace!

  5. Some days are exhausting because of all the things you don’t say. I get it. I’d rather be direct and truthful, but I also want to be safe. Often you give up one for the other.

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