Stop thinking like a LOSER

If you say you like to lose, then you don’t want to put in the effort it takes to win!

Even when we put our best foot forward, we may still lose. So we have to pick our ass up, regroup, work hard and try it again. Laying down and saying you don’t want it is the easy way out, and you’re fooling yourself by saying that.

We all want to win at something. You just have to find your thing and start thinking like a winner.

One of the biggest reasons for accepting failure is due to comparison. We see someone we view as better than us, more powerful, making winning moves. Then we make excuses as to why we can’t do what they just did.

But that’s a lie you’re doubting yourself and thinking as if you already lost.

You can do what they did; but you have to STOP comparing their end to your beginning. No one has any idea of their step by step plan that they used to reach success unless you have asked. If you didn’t ask, then stop looking at their ending and crying over your beginning. 

Different starting points

We all have different starting points. Some have a significant advantage, and well, the rest of us may not, SO WHAT. Just because you have a disadvantage doesn’t mean you won’t reach success and win at whatever you put your mind to.

Example of two drunk parents

Here one kid is born into a home with two drunk parents, one lives for her drugs, and the other can’t stop drinking. They both fight and argue in front of the kids; they are unreliable and completely checked out. Making it hard for the kids to know what a functional family relationship looks like.

Then we have someone else born in a somewhat “typical” household. Mom and dad are sober, present, involved, dependable, and constantly looking out for their kid’s best interest.

The kid/kids in the last scenario may have a better, clearer path to the winner’s circle, but that doesn’t mean they will be standing in that circle alone. The other child most definitely still has a chance; They just have to work harder to get there.

Admitting to yourself that you don’t care about winning is a mistake. We all get one life to live, so make it a good one by setting goals and crushing them.

It’s time to win because, after all, who really wants to be a loser or think like a loser?

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine and I’m honored!


29 Replies to “Stop thinking like a LOSER”

  1. when I was younger, all the best players on any sport team was on, were those kids that came from really horrible conditions, or they had less than others, and you never saw their parents..they just all seemed to work harder, practised more, and were always ready to play, always….even though I had supportive parents, watching them kind of inspired me do be better, and maybe more empathic….is it any wonder why so many great NFL players for instance seem to have been brought up by their grandmothers……

    1. Yes Warren! You’re right. I always tell my kids that they need to play like they are fighting for their life. If you’re looking to get a scholarship then you have to up the way you compete. Unfortunately there are a lot of kids that need a sport to get them out of a terrible situation.
      Thank you for adding this Warren!

  2. True. Where you start is not where you end up. Ten years ago I met someone who seemed to have her life together. Supportive family. Great boyfriend. Found a career she enjoyed. Then her life went downhill and fell apart. Some people have to work harder to get to their end goal.

  3. Excellent, dearest Bella. Right now I want to catch the next flight to meet you and give you a very big hug. ❤❤❤❤😊😊😊😊. You know ‘I just found out a new equation
    Belladonna + Kym Gordon Moore= Abundance of optimism + Enthusiasm towards life for me.

    1. Oh my gosh Aparna, you are truly an encourager. Thank you so much for putting me in the same space as Belladonna. Did you know that we are July people? Cancerians to the core!!! LOL 😂😜🤣 We may fall down, but we get up!!! 💪🏼

  4. Girlfriend you are soooo right and you are spot-on! Loved this: “Even when we put our best foot forward, we may still lose.” Yes, but girlfriend, we learn! Get up, brush yourself off, and get to steppin’…one foot in front of the other! 🤜🏼🤛🏼 Sistah, you are by no means a whiny ass loser, that’s for sure! 🥰👏🏼😍💖🤗

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