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In my younger years, I was my worse critic!

It didn’t matter what I accomplished; I still felt as though I could do better. I knew that I could be better in every aspect of my life. I was constantly in search of “perfection,” whatever that meant. While I was criticizing myself, I realized that prompted me to seek validation from others. I needed constant reassurance. 

Because of my past insecurities is why I now talk a lot about the importance of loving yourself and making time for self-care. The way you like/love yourself is the most significant like/love you will ever get. 

We spend our entire lives looking at others, putting them up on a pedestal. Then look at ourselves and point to everything we hate. Everything we desire to change. Everything we wish we were either born with or born without. The wish list goes on and on until it reaches the point of no return.

Do you feel better when you reach the dead-end?

Probably not! I’m sure you don’t, especially if you didn’t receive the proper validation you needed, or at least you thought you needed it. And even if you did receive it, that joy will only last you until you need another quick fix.

Social media is all about the “Quick fix.” 

Feeling down~ post a pic.

Feeling like a loser~post a pic with a caption listing your accomplishments

Feeling poor~ post a pic of you getting on a plane

Feeling ugly~ use a filter

Then you wait for the likes to roll in. Depending on each like to tap deep into your soul and make you feel like the King or Queen you want to be.

But let me tell you something, true joy will only come once you start liking yourself. Like yourself irrespective of your financial status. Like yourself irrespective of your weight. Like yourself irrespective of your romantic life (or lack thereof). Like yourself irrespective of what anyone thinks of you.

As long as you like you, all the other likes are extra.

Finish off your week knowing that you are already the badass that you desire to be. YOU ARE THERE… own it and like it!

I like you… but my like is EXTRA.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


37 Replies to “That Like Is Extra”

  1. Belladonna, I think most of us have been our own worst critic. 😲 We have been conditioned to work hard and be as perfect as possible. That’s where the stress comes in and we feel we are never good enough. But when you do your best and you know you’ve done your best, even if you came a little short of your so called perfection, then you can’t beat yourself up. 🥊

    I learned, albeit much later in life, that I was trying to please others more than myself, and that’s why I heavily critiqued myself horrifically. Oh, but girlfriend, not any more. Too much freaking stress! That’s the way I like it! 😁🙏🏽🥰🦋🤗💝😘

    1. Wisdom!!!!! Thank you for adding that. It’s so important for people to know that striving for perfection is unrealistic. We get one chance at this life so go easy in yourself and try hard to be happy, even on the difficult days.

    1. Yes we do! I know it’s tough but it becomes easier when we position ourselves with people that show love, give love and are a walking example of positivity ♥️😍

  2. ○Feeling poor~ post a pic of you getting on a plane°○
    ○Feeling ugly~ use a filter○

    Painful , but hilarious. You cracked me up.

    What more do i have to say that’s not been said here already.

    The beat goes on
    Open up to learning
    To love yourself
    It’s truly amazing what we find when we open the cage
    A jolt to the memory that we are wonderfully made.
    Not everyone is going to love you the way you are
    But that’s there problem if they cant see the wonderful and magnificent of you.

  3. You hit the nail on the head Belladonna. I read your posting description and here’s what I thought: “please like me, like me, like me. Oh darn they don’t like me. Oh, wait, awww, now they like me. All better now.” Yes, yes, we need to be better to ourselves. Love how you phrased it: “As long as you like you, all the other likes are extra.” Thank you so much! ☺️☺️

  4. I never got the hang of social media so that outside validation never became a hook as much as it did for some people. My brief attempt at being Instagram famous probably garnered me 5 likes overall 😂

  5. Oh my, you are a wise one Belladonna. I too can be my most difficult critic. Falling in love with myself is an ongoing process. Thanks for the encouragement. Love you my friend, C

    1. Cheryl I’m right with ya. We are forever changing so we have to continue adjusting to find a new love fr our new selves. it can be exhausting. LOL
      Love you too my friend!

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