Look after yourself Friday

Is it possible to look after yourself by looking after others?

I know this is a different approach from my usual “look after yourself Friday.” Here’s what led up to this question.

This week I’ve had conversations with my niece, my son, and my two daughters about feeling like they need more confidence or clarification if they’re moving in the right direction; maybe it’s the New Year blues, or maybe not. 

Who’s to say what’s driving this feeling?

There are countless reasons for this feeling, and that’s for every individual to dissect to get to the root of the problem. 

~But here’s what I know for sure ~

This world is so much bigger than us. Millions of people need your help for various reasons. And when we give our time and love to help someone who needs it, we are now living for more than ourselves. In return, we are making their lives more prosperous as well as our own.

And that brings balance and peace.

Conversation with my 13-year-old

Last night I was driving my daughter home from her basketball game, and she said, “mom, how do you think I played tonight?”

I told her, you played great; however, in the last few games, including tonight, I sensed significant hesitation. Her following words were something I didn’t expect from this confident human. She said, “I’m losing my confidence, and I can’t get out of my head.

My next words triggered her in a good way.

I reminded her that she starts and plays the entire game for soccer and basketball. She plays on a level that’s way beyond her years. However, sometimes when we aren’t playing for a purpose, we lose sight of our WHY 

My kids and my husband are my WHY. They are my driving factor to get out of my head and go, striving for my best.

She needs her WHY.

So long story short, she exploded with excitement when she found her why. There are several volunteer opportunities for teenagers, many of which involve mentoring other kids. Her face lit up when she learned she could teach others how to play basketball, soccer and excel academically. This opportunity will allow her to have fun, and look after look after others.

Sometimes being the driving force in helping others find thier Why helps you find yours as well.

Are you looking after yourself?

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


33 Replies to “Look after yourself Friday”

  1. Wonderfully done, Belladonna! Sometimes we get more than we ever imagined by giving to others. Best of luck to your daughter while living her WHY 💞💞💞

  2. As soon as I read the question: “mom, how do you think I played tonight?” . . . I swear a large red flashing light went off and a “warning, warning, danger zone, danger zone” announcement sounded in my house. If I were in your shoes, I’m sure I would have clumsily responded. I loved your response though. A great one. What’s your why. Ugh, Belladonna, where were you when my kids were playing sports. Ha, ha, no seriously, great response. Hope it helps her. At the very least, she knows she’s got you in her corner!!!!

    1. it can definitely be the danger zone! LOLOLOL
      I’m glad you liked my response and I hope it helps her. I am definitely in her corner and I’m so darn loud at my kids games, I should be embarrassed but I’m not. LOL

  3. This is awesome and I completely agree with you. When we take care of ourselves, and lead an inspired and open life, open to all that life has to offer, we naturally create the possibility of attracting others to relating their stories, and creating their whys, their inspiration. Is a gorgeous circle. Love this post, Belladonna! 💜

    1. Thank you so much Jeff! This is exactly what I was telling her. It’s such a fulfilling life when you are helping others and trying to lead by example 🤍

  4. Very inspiring! I’m so glad I came upon this in WP Discover this morning! All the best to you and yours! 💕

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