Get OUTTAHERE ya jerks

When I mosied over to his blog, I giggled for a bit and thought you have a lot of nerve, you loser. 

Maybe I should start from the beginning. My blogging journey is going exactly how it’s supposed to, and I’m learning a lot about myself and others. However, with that being said, over the past few years, I’ve met some jerks. 

Jerk 1

One time, a guy thought I was attracted to him because I put a red heart after I replied to him. 

When he saw the emoji, he said, “I thought you liked me but wasn’t sure until now.

 I stopped him right there and said, “buddy, I’m not blogging to make a love connection; I use emojis as a nice gesture.”  I assured him that that was the last emoji of any sort or reply he’ll get from me.

Jerk 2

Jerk 2 appeared just the other day, and I have to admit his behavior made me laugh. He first appeared on my blog asking me what theme I use because he wanted to make his blog look just like mine. That question within itself annoyed me. I don’t know why it did, but it did! 

I can quickly feel someone’s energy, and I know if a shit storm is brewing, and boy was it brewing. He quickly turned his annoying yet nice tone to a total douche tone. He tried to tell me what I meant by a poem I had written, and he couldn’t have been more off base. He proceeded to argue with me about it, and that’s not my style.

Life is too good and too precious to waste on foolishness with a fool. So I showed my husband his comments, we laughed, and I went to work.

Jerk 3

The last and final jerk that I will talk about today is the biggest loser of them all. He had an annoying habit of popping under the comments that my tribe wrote to ME and answering all of your questions, and then asking or stating inappropriate comments. 

The first time I saw this, I told him to back off and answer questions on his blog. Of course, he didn’t respond, but he kept up his ridiculous behavior. So I told him to get the hell off my blog and never come back; KICK ROCKS, PAL!

His reply was excellent! It wasn’t, but it did make me laugh. He sounded like an eight-year-old that wasn’t getting his way with mommy.

He said: I don’t very much like it here anyway, so I’m leaving ( I so want to know the tone of voice y’all used to read that).

My thoughts were, well, doofus, if you didn’t like it here, why were you always here leaving supportive comments and being overly nosey with my tribe of awesome humans?

After he left that comment, I went to his blog, so I could have a better idea of who he was, and that brings us back to the opening of this post.

and my final comment is GETOUTTAHERE ya jerks!

You could’ve chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. I can totally relate, Belladonna. I have had to deal with quite a few of these too. I simply block them and ignore, sometimes they open new accounts just to continue harassing but I keep deleting and blocking when this happens. Sorry you had to experience this but glad to see you can just laugh it off and keep moving forward.💕

    1. The goodness for the block feature! sorry you had too deal with this as well.
      At first I was shocked that this was happening on a writing platform but I guess when your a troll and desperate for attention you’ll try any platform. They definitely give me a good laugh

  2. Oh dear, these types of folk are sadly so familiar on social media and they are of both sexes. Thankfully, my spam filters are pretty effective and your bull5h1t detector seems equally so. 😉 It’s good to see that you can dismiss such noise and retain your humour! Keep smiling! 🙂 🙏

    1. Spam catches a lot but these particular ones started off acting quite decent and then quickly turned into weirdos 🤣
      I love to laugh and find humor in any situation that really doesn’t matter to me. 🤪

      1. Ewwhh, yes, that is a very different proposition, isn’t it? 😒 Your approach is a good one and seems to work for you! Here’s wishing for a new year that is jerk-free! 🤞😉

  3. 😅 jerk #3 exit reminded me of this pansy guy from the littke rascals look the happy birthday mr hood from 1938’s Feed em and wheep

  4. As wonderful as blogging is we are bound to occasionally meet a few jerks. Just a couple of days ago someone tried to explain to me (an actual historian) why colonisation wasn’t real and how POC used it to blame Europeans for successfully migrating 🙄 And when I stood my ground he lectured me about how I didn’t know my history lol. Safe to say he didn’t respond when I mentioned I was a historian and knew exactly what I was talking about.
    I’m glad you kicked all three jerks off your blog and I hope you don’t encounter any more jerks! I’ve met quite a few like the third one you mentioned. It’s super annoying when people do that. Like it’s not your blog stay off other peoples comments.

  5. This is the dark side of blogging that can be difficult to manage. I had one person write on my blog that they thought I was deranged and hoped I could find a good therapist! On the outside I laughed but it made me question myself. Is this how I come off? I showed my husband too and he said, “block the son of a bitch and move on. And, by the way, you might need therapy.” That comment cost him a dinner out! I think you are successful, beautiful and brilliant and this makes others jealous and/or they want to glean onto your success. Block them and don’t look back. I love your blog! Hugs, C

    1. Cheryl you are just what I needed!!! And Larry is hilarious 😆
      Your blog is so freakin refreshing and I wish it were a book so I could keep reading it chapter after chapter. Love your blog soooooo much!!
      There are so many peaople that want us to second guess ourselves and here they are probably the biggest dumb asses of all.
      You definitely do not come across deranged but aren’t we all just a little🤪 or maybe it’s just me!

  6. Girl, it’s always some kind of drama that pops up with people who aren’t even interested in the content of your blog. They are just seeking attention and want to be confrontational because they don’t have anything else to do. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♀️ Can you spell lunatics boys and girls? Geez! 🙄

  7. I’ve gotten lucky because I have yet to meet a jerk, but maybe I didn’t catch on to them being a jerk. I am sorry you’ve had to deal with people like that. Your blog is too positive for that sort of negative energy.

  8. I love how you described these situations, I was starting to get riled up just reading them. 😆 What always surprises me is the reaction from the offender when you call them out in their behavior. Crazy!

    1. 😂😂 Thank you Kirsten!
      Yes your right their reaction is always priceless. I just imagine them clutching their imaginary pearls and being taken back. 😂
      The last guy was so childish, his comment was hilarious to me.

  9. I’ve been very lucky so far…..I look to bloggers for I have no idea why?…motivation, inspiration…..or just to chill….so far so good….

  10. Internet communities unfortunately attract immature people because they’re safer than the real world. WordPress, largely being geared toward mental health topics, unfortunately has more than average. Lol. I’ve had several blogs over the years but it took me a long time to be able to just not even reply to comments unless they’re from people I admire. Better to be proactive than reactive right?

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