Unclear Path ~Goals for 2023~

Nothing fancy or overly aggressive, just the things that will make me feel better!

I’m starting the year with all of my kids at home. Unfortunately but fortunately, they will be returning to college soon so they can finish their academic year strong. 

My husband, my 13-year-old, and I have had a blast with the older two being home. We ate and ate and adventured out quite a bit, but most of all, we soaked up alone time with just the five of us, well, six, because we must include Larry (our chihuahua).

But now that we are easing back into post Holiday life, I have to make sense of things and write out goals for 2023.

Now I’m not that certain about a few of these, but I’ll throw it out with a question mark behind it. The question mark represents the side of me that I want to do away with. I’m so damn indecisive, so maybe that should be on the list of things that must change about me. But I’m just not sure (see what I mean).

Goals for 2023

  1. Read 50 Books; I have ten on my nightstand waiting to be read.
  2. Blog every day; I’m on a 173 day streak
  3. Upload on my podcast once a week, maybe two
  4. Save 20% more than last year
  5. Lose 10 pounds of muscles on my legs; I lifted HEAVY last year
  6. Do Yoga two times a week
  7. Finish writing 1 of 4 books
  8. Put myself out there to meet like-minded friends (?)
  9. Read my Bible every night and listen to scriptures as I meditate in the morning.
  10. Be more adventurous
  11. Start training ten new clients (?)
  12. Schedule two vacations, one in the country and one out of the country
  13. Rip up the carpet on my stairs and get dark wood
  14. Give my kids a little more space (?) 
  15. Make it to 2024; healthy, motivated, and ready to rock out another year.

My long-term path is unclear, so I’ll settle for taking it one year at a time!

Please share your main goal with me. I love reading what others are planning to do for the year.

You could have chosen any blog to read but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


49 Replies to “Unclear Path ~Goals for 2023~”

  1. I always struggle with new years, this doesn’t look good. I’m a new addict, and I do speak out, write, post….but this year, what can I do?….Ukraine, Iran, Afghanistan, OMG, Afghanistan…I have connections to those there, NGOs, a group called right to play, I know people there that were trying to make lives better for women, for women that want to run….it’s beautiful place, but a horrible place….I think 2023, I want to become more active, writing, raising, donating for what I know is right….don’t know if I can help make changes, but it’s hard not to cry…Iran, killed for the way they dress..it makes any issues we have here nothing…..Lennon had it right, give peace a chance, but is there any place on this planet that is at peace?

  2. Hi. Happy New Year. Wish you well. This year I decided to focus on 4 goals.
    1. Completing both manuscripts
    2. Complete my masters
    3. Savings
    4. Produce my play.

  3. We have similar goals. I have an ever-growing pile of books to read so I want to make some progress this year. A writing streak also sounds great too but we’ll see. 😂

  4. This list is relaxing. My goals are kinda stressful, especially since I’m still young with a ton of things to do.
    But I’m doing all of those things to achieve one bigger goal – life success. Hopefully, I’ll get to something this year.
    Thank you for your post 🙂

      1. I’m trying to do so. The thing is adulthood is kinda hard, especially when you’re already responsible for a family and studying at university and working as well.

    1. Vanya it was difficult at first now it’s like working out, I don’t feel complete unless I do it. Plus it’s therapy and I love chatting with y’all so much. Thank you for being part of this awesome community 🤍♥️

  5. Oh my God! I loved the motivation and your vibe. The idea of 2024 preparation filled me with energy. Thanks for sharing your 1 year Goals 😊

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