Your Silence Is HURTING My Ears​

Through it, all you remained silent.

Not a call

Not a note

Not a whisper

When the silence began, I knew it wouldn’t last long. But, I believed in my soul that we would connect and start the friendship I hungered for. I remember for a while, I would sit in my soft, oversized chair and place a blanket around me and have the sun hit on me from my big bay window and imagine us talking about life—all the good, bad, and ugly. I would vent to you and wait for your advice that I needed.

After a few months of your silence, my ears started to burn. Sometimes they felt like a flame was lit within, and I could feel my ears swelling. 

They would begin to itch, and the more I rubbed them to relieve the pain, the worse they became. You would think my ears would stop burning after a few years of silence. The pain has let up a bit, but if I’m being honest, they’re taking longer to heal than I thought they would.

It’s funny that silence can hurt your ears. But I guess your ears aren’t any different than your heart.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


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  1. Currently I am experiencing this with a friend, at least I hope she’s still a friend. I know she has an excuse, but she cut us all off when she got sick and it really hurts. We actually want to help, at least with kind words, but apparently she neither needs or wants them 😢

    1. STOP and how dare you say that to Paula! Remove yourself from my blog!
      You don’t have enough information to assume who doesn’t deserve who! RIDICULOUS!!!

    1. STOP!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO OTHERS ON MY BLOG! Warren does not have to explain anything to anyone. I have told you once not to do that now I’m going to block you!!

      1. Do you find that writing it down and even sharing creates a different and deep sort of healing that nothing else quite manages to do? I certainly find that to be true!

  2. This right here, just moved something in me that I cannot explain.

    “It’s funny that silence can hurt your ears. But I guess your ears aren’t any different than your heart.”


  3. I’ve experienced the death of a friendship to silence. It hurts. More than I can ever explain. Trying to figure out my part has been difficult and ultimately it still remains a mystery. You did such an incredible job of describing the confusion, pain, and grief. Hugs, C

      1. One of the great things about any form of art is we get to interpret anyway we desire. Take your interpretation and own it or not.
        Have a great Sunday

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