Look After Yourself Friday

Time to break down the wall!

Being hurt or disappointed by someone you trust can scar you for life. Because of the hurt, a wall is automatically put in place to protect your feelings. That wall makes it downright impossible for anyone ever to come as close to you as the person who scarred you.

~Here’s the challenge~

Break down the wall!

If it takes one year, three years, five yearsor even ten years to break it down, do it. It makes it a lot easier to destroy those walls you built if you seek help from a therapist or someone who has always offered you a safe place. Feeling comfortable enough to become vulnerable is a crucial way to head towards a healing place.

I’m not all the way there, but damn it, I’m on my way!

I’ve challenged myself to remove barriers preventing me from letting positive energy and light inside my heart. After ten years… YES, after ten years, I’ve learned that not all good people turn into monsters. The monsters are precisely who they presented themselves to be the moment you laid your eyes on them. However, you chose not to see them as such.

But here’s the thing once you destroy the wall, DON’T LET “THEM” BACK IN!

To look after yourself looks different for everyone. But the ultimate goal should universally feel the same. You should feel a sense of freedom and calmness. Not to mention peace in your heart which will motivate you to bring positivity to everyone around you.

Yesterday I wrote Six~word Story. I wrote that post because I wanted to bring awareness to myself about the need to change. I used only to show love to my family within my household. And I held everyone at arm’s length. I let them in, but not really. I was guarded and protecting my feelings!

I let the hurt I felt from others determine what I would and would not allow from anyone outside my home. But now the wall is slowly but steadily coming down.  

I would love to hear what you are doing to look after yourself today.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


33 Replies to “Look After Yourself Friday”

  1. Letting our guard down, letting the cards fall where they may and being vulnerable? Who wants to do that? Shoot me first. Ha, ha, but you are so right. We need to get comfortable with that uneasy feeling and then and only then can we start to heal. At least that’s how it’s always been for me. Great advice, thanks for sharing Belladonna!

  2. once that happens though, it’s really hard to trust again, and I always expect the hurt to happen again, so I always leave before that could happen…whether it would or not

  3. I am so glad you’re working on breaking the wall down, healing the hurt and moving forward by protecting yourself without cutting yourself off from the world. It’s not an easy thing to do, at all. Being hurt by others can have various ramifications and we’re not always even aware of it. Taking the step to acknowledge the wall and the damage caused is the first step. Deciding to do what’s right for you – no matter how hard and scary it is – is the next and hardest step. Keep going my friend, you deserve goodness and I’m hoping there are less shitty people in your life in future!

    Caz xxxxx

    1. Oh Caz I pray the shitty people away! I like so many have had my fair share and I’m over it. So sick of people doing folks wrong and then playing the victim.
      I hope that for the rest of this year and into 2023 we all get rid of those folks and live our best life.
      Thank you so much for being you, wishing you a happy holidays!

  4. I think we can definitely relate to your message today Belladonna! It’s time to clean up some things in our life that’s been on hold and getting a strangle-hold on us for far too long now. 🤗💖😊

  5. “I’m not all the way there, but damn it, I’m on my way!” Me too! Wonderfully empowring and inspirational post, Belladonna! Happy holidays to you, and your family! 💚🎄❄️

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