Checking on the check

No time like the present!

We live in the fast lane, and because of that, we leave ourselves little time to check up on important people and things. I don’t know about you, but I am guilty of living in the fast lane. I have tunnel vision, and sadly I unknowingly push away people that didn’t deserve the PUSH.

Checking On The Check

My husband always uses the term “checking on the check.” He’s referring to checking on his kids by ensuring they have their priorities straight or just shooting the breeze with them. However, when using this term more often than not, he’s referring to checking on his physical goals. 

As I type this, I can picture him flexing in the mirror while he’s “checking on the check.”

Today/MY Meaning of Checking on The Check

Now that you know how this phrase originated, I want to share how I want to use it. 

I don’t check in on people who mean a great deal to me, and I have to change that. Days, weeks, hell months can go by before I pick up my phone and either text or call someone to say HI. The struggle is real with me and my ability to reach out to someone to see how they are doing. I guess I assume no news is good news. Therefore if I don’t hear from ya, all must be going somewhat well.

But let’sbehonesty, that’s a shitty way to think!

How am I just going to assume all is well? Based on what exactly?

I am determined to do better by checking on the check, and in doing so, I’m starting with all of you. I would love to know how everyone is doing. I know the holidays can be a difficult time for some. And it can add extra financial stress by trying to keep up with your expensive Christmas list.

Gifts are great but checking on the check will mean a lot more to the ones you love. So take time to listen and express your love before it’s too late. 

Pretend that today is all you have!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


64 Replies to “Checking on the check”

  1. I’m doing okay, though lots of people I know are sick. The California refund helped me a lot with extra spending this month, so I’m grateful for that. Stay well! 💗

  2. Well, it is snowing and cold and my internet access has been virtually non-existent this week BUT the engineer has promised to come check the line and the kids have confirmed they are coming home for Christmas – so, doing well! Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hey that last part trumps all the rest 😊😊😊
      But being without the Internet is so DARN HARD! Hoping it’s fixed soon!
      Snow sounds wonderful right now and I’m hoping we see some soon.

      1. Yes, having the kids back for Christmas trumps everything! 🙂 The phone engineer came out today and ‘reset’ the line and speeds are now back to normal rather than the 0.13mbps they were for the last few days! So, things looking good here! 🙂
        Hope you get your snow – well, not too much of it! 😉 Stay well, keep warm! 🙂

  3. Beautiful post and reminder to us all, thank you for sharing!!! You have a kind heart, friend! Life is good over here, grateful to be truly living. Hope you’re doing well too!! 🤍🤗

  4. Being away from family during the holidays will be hard, but we can FaceTime and I check in regularly. We are about to experience our first Christmas away from our loved ones but made sure to send cards and gift cards to our kids and immediate family members.
    I hope you and yours make the most of your Christmas 🎄 ☺️
    Thanks for having us check in!

      1. Yes, also if you want to brainstorm ideas, you can’t just walk over to someone and have a water cooler conversation. You have to book a meeting time and it all gets so official, just to get some ideas.

  5. Girlfriend, thanks for Checking On The Check! Now, how are you??? Really? See what you done started? I am simply “Checking On The Check!” 😍💖🤗💋🥰💐😘 Hugs and smooches ladybug! 🐞

  6. Thanks for checking in Bella. My chicks are starting to gather! Makes for a happy mama. I’m checking things off my list, filling the pantry! Wanted to add sometimes I keep up with friends who live far away with phone dates! How are you doing? Hugs, C

    1. That’s so good!!!
      Oh how I love a list so I can visually see how productive I’m being.
      Kudos to you for keeping up, it’s so damn hard but ya feel so good when you do.
      I’m doing really good, all my kids are home for college break. So my heart is happy 😊😊

  7. I am alive and well, and I had a very important conversation with my mom today. It opened up the floor to a lot of questions to which I had some answers, and others, I did not. But I’m glad we talked about topics like “suicide”, “feeling unloved”, and “understanding that God’s not everybody’s Go-To.”

    I am blessed, and I know it. And I am so glad, “I don’t look like what I’ve been through.”

    Thanks for asking, Bella. I appreciate your posts of discussion!

    1. Wow!!!!! That is so good that y’all were able to open and vulnerable. I know you feel so much better for it! There was definitely growth I that conversation and that’s how we break generational curses!

      I am impressed!!!

  8. We have more ways of communicating with people we care about, but sometimes none of them feel right. I may not have time to call or see them in person; a text is too informal; an email takes too long. Yea, it’s crazy but those are the lies we tell ourselves. We have to fight the excuses and do it anyway. You are so right and this is a great reminder. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Brian!!!
      I struggle with everything you mentioned Trying to find the right way to communicate is overwhelming. After trying ti pick a means for communication, ya get overwhelmed and do none of them 🤦🏽‍♀️

  9. Inspiring and caring post, it’s so important to think of others and to see how they are. Just a few words or spending a few moments in time checking in with them can often make all the difference. Shows they are not alone, that somebody cares and is there for them. I hope all here are well and know that if you need or care to talk or touch base I am like many others here for all. 🙏 Faux

    1. Thank you for being available!!! That is better than any Christmas gift.
      Too many people are suffering alone and we all need to know that someone loves us enough to reach out. Life is hard if you’re doing it alone 🤍♥️🤍

  10. Good Christmas inpulse! I’m okay-good. Succeeded in slowing the world down these past years or so… doing what matters and what conserves my best energies and gifts to offer. Sick of course, because my son inevitably transmits school illnesses this time of year… but it doesn’t bother me much. I hope you do well implementing all the growth ideas you envision for yourself. 🙂

    1. Awwww I hope you feel better soon. My little one is bringing home sickness too UGHHH!
      Wishing your health to return and for y’all to have a wonderful Holiday Season.

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