Be good to you

If all you did today was “be good to you,” then you are doing great!

Take this time to say something nice to yourself and leave me one positive word that tells others about you. I’ll go first.


You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


48 Replies to “Be good to you”

    1. Thank you! Expressive is such a good one. i think of dance when I hear that word. My teachers would shout “GIVE ME MORE EXPRESSION, BE MORE EXPRESSIVE”. Love it.

  1. Loyal

    And, thank you for this. I often tell some of my closest friends, “Please . . . be good to you.” I see their struggles trying to parent and work and live and deal with this pandemic, and I am so glad I could read this today.

    1. Tre I love that word and I can definetly sense that about you.
      That’s so good that you are reminding them of this, especially now. We need to sayaas manaay kind things as we can so we can pull through.

  2. Curious..😁

    Thanks for this reminder Bella… I am with you on this.. We should be best friends with ourselves because we are always with us.. 😊

    And I love the word about you too!!

    1. I’ve never met a successful person that wasn’t curious! Great sign of who you and what you enbody🙌🏽💪🏽
      Love your word and you are so right!! Self love is key

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