Only SHRINK your weight. Not your dreams

This is my space so you find your own!

It’s so easy to fake and be the person others want you to be—finding yourself constantly shrinking your thoughts, vision, purpose, and desires only to make them comfortable.

In case no one has ever told you, please allow me to do so, “You’re shrinking yourself”!

Have you ever stayed at a job longer than you desired because you were scared to do what you wanted to do? So you continue to make big plans for the day that you finish raising your kids, longing for the day you have more free time, and then you’ll quit your job. When that time finally comes, your vision of what you once wanted to do becomes foggy and bearly recognizable.

You shrunk yourself for too long and stopped making the priority list.

When I had kids, I put my entire family on the top of my list; as the years rolled on, my name was nowhere to be found. So I kept saying one day I’ll get back on that list. I allowed the love that I held for my family to shrink me. I DON’T REGRET IT.

However, I now know that I could have given myself a little more without the guilt. 

Wanting to work out, meditate and pursue a career is self-care. You’re allowing yourself to take up space, all your space, by in which eliminating your shrinkage. Kids are precious but don’t lose YOU to raise them effectively.

You deserve to take up all the space you need to feel complete.

There will be people who would rather you stay out of shape, insecure, and at your dead-in job because it makes them feel safe. And even worse, it makes them feel superior to you.

Ways To Prevent You From Shrinking Yourself

  • Live a life that satisfies you
  • Workout daily
  • Eat healthy/make better choices
  • Stop counting calories
  • Meditate and REST
  • Talk loud
  • Read more
  • Use astronomical words
  • Choose your friends, don’t let them choose you
  • Quit the job that makes you cringe
  • Learn something new every day
  • Be around people that value YOU and lift you up

Last but not least, demand with your actions, not with your words. The way that you carry yourself speaks volumes. Walking with your head up and being confident will make people move, allowing you to take up as much space as you need and leaving them to find their own!

Your space, Your area, Your dreams….claim them all.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


43 Replies to “Only SHRINK your weight. Not your dreams”

  1. SHOW OFF! 🤨 No seriously girlfriend you look fab. 👗 You’re right, the way you carry yourself and the confidence you exude to others makes a different on how you’re perceived. 💯 Don’t diminish your talents or yourself. 🤜🏼🤛🏼 Great post Belladonna! ✍🏼👍🏼🥂

      1. Honey chile, we all need to remind ourselves not to reduce our value and worth. I love the angle you came from Dawwwwlink!!! 🤗💃🏽😘 Very relatable! 😉

      2. My pleasure girlfriend! Indeed! Oh, BTW, I was unable to find your daughter’s book listed on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. I saw a couple of other names, but I didn’t find Sammicakes. Is there another keyword to query the book by? 🤔

  2. No no noooo
    I can’t visit Belladonna
    No more no no no

    The converted herself
    Looking fabulous girl
    I must show my daughter
    She is battling some inched

  3. I love this so much! I relate as well! Putting everything and everyone above myself… just doing what I felt was needed at the time but it all caught up to me. My body and my mind had had a enough of that! So I get this post! You look fantastic by the way!

      1. I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to take better care of myself but the more I do it, the less I feel weird and selfish about it! And the more I like myself! Thanks again for your encouraging words!

  4. Beautiful and inspiring as always. It’s relatable and I believe we all have shrunken ourselves at one point or another. It allowed us to gather the experiences we need on the journey of becoming who we are today. And you look beautiful, inside and out. Always remember you didn’t get here by mere chance or accident. 🙏🏼😘💙

  5. omg so true, we often sacrifice our passions and desires for others, convincing ourselves that we’ll come back to them later but in truth, we never actually do.
    To be able to raise a family or do well in a job we must be happy and content with ourselves first and that only happens by making our mental health and self care a priority.

  6. omg so true, we often sacrifice our passions and desires for the sake of others, convincing ourselves that we’ll come back to them later but in truth we never actually do. To be able to raise a family or do well at a job we need to be happy and content with ourselves first and that happens by making your mental health and self care a priority.

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