People move on quickly> Or not

I’m Totally switching gears today. I had a plan for my blog, but this topic came up when I talked with a few close friends.

Do we move on quickly? In regards to relationships, friendships, dropping a good or bad lifestyle. This topic can fit many things, but I want to focus on relationships/friendships and dieting.

I’m not a fan of the word dieting, but you get my drift. If I were to say lifestyle change or healthy track, I could be talking about anything. But today, I’m specifically focusing on getting your diet in order.

Moving on quickly to a new diet plan

When it comes to changing your diet so you can see weight gain, weight loss, muscle definition takes time. Your body needs 30 days to recognize what you are doing. If you are female, over the age of 40, and have had children, your body is stubborn. Trying a new diet and sticking it out for a few weeks will not do anything for you. You have to show up every day! Changing how you see food and your relationship with it is vital to reaching your goals. Staying strong for two weeks and becoming frustrated because you don’t see results is common and a BIG mistake. If you want to change, patience have to be present.

Don’t quickly move!

Moving on quickly with relationships

Okay, let’s say you have dated someone for a few years and know the relationship is toxic, but there are a few good things about that person. 

  1. Would you stay and avoid the toxicity?
  2. Is it hard for you to walk away from that toxic” loved” one?

I’m not a trained psychologist or therapist, but I am a 46-year-old woman that witnessed one or two or more like over a dozen toxic relationships. They were all disasters in their own way and left everyone involved empty and spiritless. Poisonous relationships can leave you bitter and jealous of happy couples. Not only that, but you start thinking that this toxic bull is all you deserve. As if you aren’t good enough to have someone treat you like the king or queen you are. I’m here to tell you that we all deserve love and to be showered with LOVE!

Move quickly!

Moving on quickly with friendships

  1. Do you hold on to sour friendships?
  2. Is it hard for you to let go and find new friends?

I’m not spending much time here because friendships should be easy for you to let go of. Same as a toxic relationship, unless you have kids, that will indeed slow down the “moving on process.” I’m not sure how male friendships work, but I do know many females are flaky. We tend to jump into a friendship and throw the “best friend” title on too quickly. Instantly we want to spend all our spare time together and become territorial over our new bestie. 

Now I’m not saying that the new friendship won’t work, but we cycle through friends rather quickly, which is why I tend to take it slow and stay in my own world. I can be friends with everyone and place the label “best friend” on no-one except my husband.

I’ll never meet anyone like my late friend so that that title will remain party of one.


We are worthy of love and around folks that want to be around us! Stop wasting time on people that show little regard for your feelings. If you ever feel your friendship is being taken for granted, I hope you have the strength and power not just to move but to MOVE QUICK!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


15 Replies to “People move on quickly> Or not”

  1. The highlight of your message: “Stop wasting time on people that show little regard for your feelings.” 😣 Girl, you know, because some of us are compassionate, loving, and faithful friends, we seem to get bulldozed over unfairly. It took me a while when I was much younger to let go of some girlfriends, and I found that my guy friends (not boyfriends) were protective, faithful, and not as fickle. 😲

    When I turned about 30 I went through a purging, including my ex-husband. I found that shedding the weight of my commitment to relationships that were working against me felt so liberating. 33 years later, I’m sticking with a diet plan to quickly shed any unnecessary calories, be it friends, family, or foe! Get my drift??? 🥰 Glad you shifted gears today. What a great reminder! 👏🏼👌🏽🙌🏽

  2. A fully loaded post and there is much that could be said. As far as relationships and friendships, I think timing plays a big role and where we are on our path through life. I think it also depends on personal values and tolerance threshold, how you are and perceive things. Toxic to one may not be to the other and I know for myself I have held on far too long myself in past relationships. I have no regrets however because I had to be ne tally ready to move on, to take that leap of faith and move forward without guilt or any hard feelings towards myself. 😉

    1. I’m right there with you girlie! I have held on until there was nothing left. But with age I have become impatient and will wipe my hands clean a lot faster

      1. I have the age but I am still learning to wipe faster lol. However I have learned what is worth it to hold on to and what should be released and is no longer of benefit to anyone. 😘

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