Imaginary Friends. Are They Evil? PARTII

From everything I could tell, Fasta seemed like a positive presence until he wasn’t!

If you haven’t read part I, please do so in order for this story to make sense Imaginary Friends. Are They Evil?

I walked into the kitchen and pulled out a kitchen chair to sit and chat with my daughter. And she yelled out, ” Don’t sit on Fasta, ” she looked at the chair, smirked, and said, “Stop looking so mean she didn’t sit on you.”

I quickly looked down at the chair and wondered what his mean face looked like. Of course, I didn’t let my then four-year-old see that I was freaked out, but I was FREAKED OUT!

When I sat down, I told her to tell Fasta, “my bad little guy, I wasn’t trying to hurt you.” She kept looking at the snack she was eating and said oh, he knows that. I wanted to keep our conversation going, but the twins that live next door came over to play with my daughter. They were all four years old, and apparently, they could all see Fasta.

I only knew that he was beside me if my daughter told me. For instance, he was there if we were watching TV, cuddling on the couch, or driving in the car.

But with the twins, they would talk to him and take turns jumping on his back as he galloped around the house. They would literally cry and force each other off his back so they could each have a turn. 

Then my daughter asked them, “Didn’t you hear Fasta when he told you that he needs a break”? 

And they said “yes”and moved on to play with other toys.

Months passed, and I didn’t hear her say anything about Fasta. So right before she started Kindergarten, I asked her where he did her little friend go. She told me that he said bye to her a long time ago and he left!

I had questions, but I left it alone, and we moved on. 

She’s 13 years old now and can only remember Fasta’s name but not too much about him. I suppose that’s a good thing!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine and I’m honored!


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  1. My daughter had an imaginary friend named, Katie. All fine, until she told me there were lots of them. Yikes! Coincidentally, when she started kindergarten, the little girl seated next to her was named Katie. It can be unsettling, but I do think it marks a highly imaginative mind.

      1. Yes, quite creepy, I must say! She has had several friends named Katie, along the way. My daughter spun hers into an incredible artistic path. 🥰

  2. Oh my. I read them back to back. What a story. Kids do see things. But that incident with the shoes— what came of it? You ever found out? That’s some mystery. I liked your story. XoXo

    1. No she just told me she knew I went shopping and bought her 4 pairs for f shoes and a pink pair that lights up😳
      She told me Fasta was with me all day and then joined her at school. I sat there in disbelief and had chills. That was the oddest moment.

  3. Belladonna, I had an imaginary friend named Roger. He was harmless but didn’t go all “Let me tell you what’s in your future” kind of way. Interestingly, in high school, I briefly dated a guy named Roger. Never connected the two. But just as my imaginary friend disappeared when I was little, so did my real-life friend, which ended as it should have. Just as long as she does not have any more imaginary friends, I think y’all are safe! LOL 😱😝😲

  4. Very spooky story! Something similar happened with a family that I knew. A guy who lived close to my house was able to see a shadow every time he arrived from work… Maybe I’ll write a story about it!

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