Imaginary Friends. Are They Evil?

Warning this post may be spooky!

About nine years ago my daughter began to tell me about her imaginary friend named “Fasta.” She was three years old, with a wild imagination. She told me, her friend was a beautiful brightly colored pony that was always with her. He played with her and her “real” friends every day. At first, I thought, she just has an active imagination, and I have nothing to worry about. Well, that is until she told me he follows me around too.

One afternoon before picking my daughter up from school, I ran into Kohls to look for shoes. I wasn’t planning on going there, but I had a little time to kill after my last client, so I figured I would go in and see if they had any cute shoes for my daughters. Luckily I found some cute shoes and one hell of a sale, so I grabbed as many as possible. 

About an hour later, I was pulling up to my daughter’s pre-K school, and then moments later, she hopped in the car. She gave me a big hug and a kiss and told me about her day.

 When she finished talking, I told her, “I bought you some cool shoes today”.

And to my surprise, she replied, “Oh yeah, I know, Fasta told me, he said you bought me four new pairs of shoes.”

My hands started to shake as I made a left turn to pull into our subdivision. I couldn’t form a clear thought or response to what she had just said. Then, right, when I could create a sentence, she added, “he told me that I’m really going to like the pink pair of shoes that light up.”

At that moment, I felt hot, and I was immediately lightheaded.

I pulled into my garage, and my four-year-old hopped out so carefree with her ponytails bouncing in the wind and hunger for mac and cheese in her belly. My hands were shaking as I rushed to fix her snack. I couldn’t wait to pull my husband upstairs and tell him what had just happened.

As I told him the story, I pulled out her three pairs of new shoes and then the pink light-ups that brought the total to four. We decided that we wouldn’t say anything to her about her “friend” unless her imaginary friend turned evil.

Part 2 is coming!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. I love children because they aren’t afraid to tell you what they see, hear, and experience most times. Why, are we as adults so consumed with fear of the paranormal? I’ve always been a bit more linked to this as I don’t believe I’ve ever lost my “childlike ability” to scope out/experience the “creepy.” Keep us posted, lady!

    1. I agree when we get oldern we become less accepting with paranormal activities. I’ve add some scares in my life that I new weren’t friendly so when she told be about Fasta my heart sank. Writing part 2 now.

  2. Wow, Bella! I can just imagine how concerned you are. I would be concerned too. Especially since she already knew what you’d bought her before you had time to tell her. I believe kids see and hear spirits that we don’t. And pets see them too. I can tell you that just after my grandmother died, my niece, who was three years old, saw her in the bedroom with her while she was playing. When she told my mother, my brother, and me. We just looked at each other but weren’t alarmed because it was my grandmother and she was a wonderful lady.

    Just the same pray about it and I will pray for you and your family. God bless you, sweetie. 💖🙏🕊

    1. I’m with you, I flet my grandpa’s spirit and was coompletely okay with it.

      Yes I believe that pets and kids have a special gift that allows them to see things that we may not. I’m writing part 2 now.

  3. OK, so why do I see Rod Serling standing with his cigarette saying, “You’ve entered the Twilight Zone?” My imaginary friend was never that specific…and still isn’t!!! 😆🤣😝😁😂

  4. My daughter had an imaginary friend when she was a young girl, for a few years. It did get a bit spooky when the one friend turned into many! Her friend(s) “disappeared” when she started kindergarten. Will watch for Part 2. Best to you!

  5. Wow the accuracy is something else.
    I would also be reverently quiet and see how the friendship develops.

    I never knew you had a pre-K little girl.
    That’s so sweet. My little one is always playing games and talking to all the characters but i know where it emanates. Still I’m pleasantly chuffed by the use of language he uses when narrating the stories off the cuff flowing from his imagination.
    Maybe I’m beaming with so much enthusiasm and pride because he is mine.

    1. My daughter is in 6th grade now. So all my kiddos are sadly beyond that stage.
      You should be very proudd of your son and brag away, that’s the best part of being a parent!

      1. Oh then i misunderstood completely…
        Totally a grand misunderstanding..
        Sorry about that.
        Well i do, in my heart I’m so proud of him and the things he comes to tell me.
        We were outside at the pool the other day and then it started raining…
        So he tells me
        This rain is seawater falling down on us now lets just sit here. ..
        They melt my heart and make me happy.
        Thank you😊

      1. I have to admit, I would be freaking out too. My first thought would be did I have my phone on, was my son or daughter tracking me, did they talk to someone? I would be trying to play detective. Once the strangeness settled in, I would be going crazy until I figured it out!!!!! Insert scary music here!!!

      2. I was thinking that I told her I was buying her shoes but then I realized I only bought them because they were on a huge sale. I had zero plans of buying her more shoes. But you are right, I did okay detective and nothing made sense!

      1. Okay so I looked it up and from what I read it’s common for small children to have a gaurdian and then when they don’t feel like they are needed, they leave. I’m goging to wirte about it because I was fascinated by the things I learned.

      2. It is fascinating. I was hooked as soon as I started reading about Fasta. That’s seriously wild stuff. It’s wild that her friend saw him, too

  6. That is wild !!! I would’ve been so freaked out. I used to live in an old house by a railroad when I was small. There was a lot of paranormal activity. I used to see figures when my dad and I would try to nap. Dad helped me calm down by turning on the fan. Oddly enough, it helped to keep them away. It could have been my belief in my father’s words . Daddy’s love is a powerful thing. I still saw them but they were quiet with the fans and wouldn’t come near us. That was the same house I would hear and my mom would her a small child calling out, “mommy” and this little toy piano we had in the basement would play by itself. A lot of creepy things happened in that house. I was happy when we moved.

      1. This was when I was really little. I lived there from 4-7 3/4 and moved to the other family home when I was 7 3/4 turning 8. Now, I live in the same town a few blocks away from my parents’ house haha 😂 , luckily not the spooky one

      2. Oh my those are very impactful years. So glad that you feel secure to movoe baacj that close to home. Says so much about you and I love it.

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