Walk mE homE

I didn’t know where I was going

But I knew I was safe

For the first time, I didn’t ask any questions

I walked by your side as if I knew where we were going

I trusted your footsteps would lead us home

As we passed by strange buildings that I’d never seen

I had an overwhelming feeling of comfort

As if I recognized them all from a dream

I knew that you had a vision of what was to be

I trusted your footsteps would lead us home

I wish I could’ve peaked inside your mind

Because all I saw was what we were leaving behind

Unclear of how life would be better

Or even how our love would be stronger 

I trusted your footsteps would lead us home

When I was giving up hope because I didn’t see a clear path

You gripped my hand and calmed my fears 

Fears of relinquishing my control

I felt my breathing becoming more vigorous, my heart beating faster

And right then you looked at me and said welcome home

~I’m So Glad I Trusted You To Walk Me Home~ I wrote this for my one and only…Elijah

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


42 Replies to “Walk mE homE”

  1. weird, but you reminded me of a visit to a sister in Stamford Conn. and getting lost walking to her place from the commuter station…..and first walking in the wrong direction and people stopping asking me if I knew where I was going, then turning around and wandering around in the wrong neighborhood and people asking me if I knew where I was….eventually found my directions, but it was pretty cool in a lot of ways, as a Canadian in the USA I just know any thing was different…..or unusual…..on that trip, on one highlght while all my friends went into NYC and Time Square, I wandered towards Marcus Garvey Park…..so cool…

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