In Between The Sheets

I don’t think so… but thanks for asking!

If you have kids that are involved in extracurricular activities, then you know that a fundraiser is around the corner waiting for you. Most of the fundraisers are practical, a little overpriced for the items, but nothing to be enraged about.

Well, that is until this year!

When we arrived at the Basketball parent meeting, by we, I mean my husband, I was in bed with the flu. But, anyway, he arrives at the meeting, and they hand him a packet detailing all the information we need concerning dues and the season. That part was fine.

Then they discussed the fundraiser for the year, in which everyone has to participate; I get that, and okay fine, we’re in.

So on Saturday, I take a look at the packet so I can see what we’re supposed to sell to our friends and family. I went to the link that was provided for us, and when the items popped up on my screen, I almost passed out. I wanted to punch whoever thought these would be good items to sell.

You have to be kidding me

There it is, sitting there looking at me, all expensive and cocky, waiting for me to place not one order but 10 ORDERS. So we are required to pay an additional $150.00 for the fundraiser or get 10 suckers to spend $200-400 on a sheet set. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t randomly purchase expensive sheet sets before Christmas, nor do I ask anyone else to do this.

After my initial shock wore off, I emailed my daughter’s coach asking her if parents/children are successful at selling sheets during the holiday season. And if they are successful, please provide a selling strategy. I’m still waiting for a reply and assistance.

Well, I’m really not waiting on anything because we aren’t selling this mess!  

I’m so over these fundraisers; these ugly, crusty sheets were the final straw.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. WHAT the? 😲 Are you serious? How ridiculous. What happened to the cans of popcorn? 🍿 The bars of candy? 🍫 The votives of candles? 🪔 You know, the more affordable options that get more bang for the buck? Who are you and other parents supposed to sell these sheets to? Folks who shop Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills? SMDH! 😫😡😖

    1. My friends would push me and my daughter out of their house! LOLOLOL
      I thought I was seeing things when I saw the handout said sell 10 sheets. I’m thinking 10 sheets of what? Naw they meant actually sheets and for a price that would make me slap my momma!

  2. We don’t do fundraisers in our household.

    I approach teachers and coaches directly and ask them how much money they *need* or what I can purchase to help make them successful — thereby cutting out the full-of-poo middlemen who give minute fractions to the intended recipient as “funding”.

    Many so-called charities function on the same principle — raise funds to have the money to raise funds. The people in need rarely get more than a fraction of the money solicited on their behalf. But someone is getting a load of cash…

    And $200 sheets? They better put me to sleep as I lay down for that price. Pure highway robbery.

    1. Micheal AMEN AMEN AMEN! We stand united on this. I usually choose the buy out also unless it’s a savings book that actually saves you mnooeyy on restaurants etc. But these sheets really put me over the top. So damn ridiculous on so many levels.

    2. I used to work at a Title I elementary school, meaning most of the students and their families were receiving some form of government assistance. We never ran fundraisers because we knew the families couldn’t afford even $10 for chocolates or greeting cards. Instead, our volunteer team would make an appeal to our friends and community to donate, say, coats, school supplies, and library books to our students. For anything else, we would pass the hat and chip in $20-40 each, which was often enough to send a class on a field trip or organize a fun activity for the kids.

      You’re right, these so-called fundraisers charge the school groups for hawking their overpriced wares, and in return the school receives just a small percentage. I always buy the candy and cookie sets, knowing full well the kid’s school isn’t actually getting my whole $10, but I can’t stand turning away that hopeful face at the door. But if one of them asked me to buy a hundred dollars worth of bed linens, I’d laugh before shutting the door.

      1. Yes I did a dance program for a few schools. It was an after school program. Those particular schools never had fundraisers or extreme amount of fees for sports.
        I don’t know what’s going on but this sheet selling business is out of hand! And I would laugh as well if someone asked me to buy these expensive sheets.

  3. Hmm.. someone, somewhere has clearly not though this through and is either part of the Bezos family and has no idea of life in the real world or is so lazy that they expect parents and their friends to bankroll the whole dang shooting match! Shame on them! 🙁

    1. I agree!!!!!! Bezo is definitely incharge of this fundraiser. I’ve talked to several parents on the team and they all feel the same as we all do. So ridiculous and outrageous.

  4. Hope the fundraiser turns out well for you. These people have zero marketing/sales background, I think. There is a mismatch between the product and the target market (people the kids parents know, and what people will buy a month before a big spending season). This close to the Christmas season, they should either choose what people would like to buy as gifts, or evergreen items that people will buy any time of the year to support a good cause.

    1. I agree Vanya! They have zero clue and are totally out of touch. I don’t know anyone that would say “Oh I’m so happy to see you selling sheets”. Then they see the price! LOL

  5. Haha I feel the same way looking at the fundraiser things my kids bring home. The prices are insane! I try to help out in other ways by providing extra school supplies, etc for the class instead.

  6. Oh my Goodness, dear Bella. This is the perfect example of crossing all the limits. What kind of fundraiser is this? This is simply extortion. So far, my daughter’s school did nothing like this. Thank God! But they are also trying to mint additional money by advising us to buy this and buy that but nothing expensive. 😂😂😂😂

    1. Aparna they are so crossing the line. This is for her basketball team. I almost fell over when I saw they were selling sheets and then I saw the price. Geesh!!!!! LOLOL

      1. 😊😊😊😊♥️♥️♥️. Being a parent is not easy. It’s like the demand-supply relationship mentioned in the subject of Economics. School demands and parents supply. 😂😂😂😂

  7. The fundraising drives are absolutely ridiculous! Heaven help you if you have more than 1 child and involved in more than 1 activity!

  8. That is crazy expensive. My son signed up to do a popcorn fundraiser that is more family friendly on a budget.

  9. That’s a fundraiser for a different kind of pocketbook, I’d have to say. Somebody has stock in sheets, in some way . . .

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