Contagiously Delicious

We can all choose how much effort we put into being a contagious vibe

This world is filled with followers, nay-sayers, nonbelievers, hateful energy, and people that will do exactly what they are told to do. You should be different and can be if you commit to outworking everyone. 

Commit to being a leader and being loud!

Make people wonder how much sleep you get at night because your energy is unmatched.

Make people wonder what type of vitamins you’re taking because your hair, nails, and skin are giving what they should be giving.

Make people want to be close to you, so your energy rubs off onto them.

Make the haters hate you because they don’t have what it takes to be you.

Make your energy so contagious that everyone around you catches what you have

Be Contagiously Delicious!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


53 Replies to “Contagiously Delicious”

  1. but…well, yeah, I do go my own way a lot….but way too often it’s a lonely road….turning left rather than turning right sometimes feels okay, sometimes, well, maybe I should just go with the flow?

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  2. Hello Belladonna,
    Such beautiful power of attraction nuggets
    Each with their unique shine
    Love the positive image you give to contagious.
    An inspiring read.

    It’s been a while, thank you for your recent visit, I appreciate 💛

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  3. Hello Belladonna,
    Contagiously Delicious – full of magnetic nuggets, so much to learn and feast upon. I love the positive spin you gave to contangious and shared with an infectious writing energy.

    Its been a while, thank you for your recent visit. I appreciate your likes to some of my blogs
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday💛

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  4. I needed this sooo much today and at this very minute. I’ve often second guessed myself and thought to tone down my smile, laugh, yelps and cheers… thinking it’s TOO MUCH. Thank YOU! Contagiously Delicious… I LOVE IT 🥰

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