Your Worst May Be Someone’s BEST

I used to belong to Lifetime Fitness, and can I just say that I’m happy to be long GONE!

When I started taking classes, the instructors were top-notch; many have moved on as they should; however, a small number remained. The best instructors for me were in the morning. We had similar styles; they knew how to motivate the members. 

But then there was an insecure woman that began teaching, and I remember hearing members complain about how her self-esteem brought down theirs. 

You’re probably thinking, how is this possible? 

It is possible if you have a client/member just starting their fitness journey. And the person they are looking to help them is constantly complaining about their stomach, thighs, and hips and saying how they used to look.

Stop Body Shaming

When she criticized her body, the members thought well damn, what does she think about me. A few ladies told me they felt insecure around her and FAT.

We will call her Ms. Insecre!

You see, Ms. Insecure was thin, not very much muscle, but thinner than the women looking for her support.

She was always working out, and to others, she looked great, but due to her body-shaming, they felt she wasn’t sincere when she told them they were beautiful and looked amazing.

Ms. Insecure’s worst was her clients’/members’ best. They longed to have her body and hated the one they were in. But as I stated previously, her constant complaining made them feel wrong about themselves.

How I see it

As a mom and a trainer, I’m cautious about what I say about my body. So if I’m bloated or put on a few pounds, I never complain to my clients or kids. 

Kids are impressionable and deal with enough body issues that society throws at them. They don’t need mom or dad putting more insecurities on their lap. I see clients in the same light. They need me to speak positively about my body so they can love themselves. 

Once they love who they are at this moment, they will feel more empowered to better themselves.

If you are in the fitness industry, be careful what you speak out loud. 

Your worst look may be someone’s dream look

Your worst day in the gym may be someone’s best day

Your worst effort may be someone’s best effort

Choose your words wisely and speak nicely about yourself, others can hear you!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


40 Replies to “Your Worst May Be Someone’s BEST”

  1. This is so true. It’s really sad to think that women went to see this fitness instructor to get fit and feel better about themselves only to hear her shaming herself – when she was literally their goal body type. It’s also sad she felt insecure about her own body despite her devotion to staying fit. It’s a good idea as you say to watch what you say about your body – it could negatively impact someone else, too.

    1. Yes it was so sad to hear how these ladies felt. She truly allowed men to validate her. Since she was in one failed relationship after another so her self esteem was low and it may still be.

      1. Yikes that’s a dangerous game. I’ve dated a few narcissistic men and they’ll have you believe you’re fat or too skinny or too whatever when you feel good and are in good shape. Even if you date a good man who compliments you regardless of your weight, the confidence should come from within. Like you pointed out, seeking validation from men will usually end badly.

  2. It’s a shame that so much anxiety is caused by how you look, rather than who you are as a person. I would argue that who you are is more important than how you look.
    That fitness instructor will never be happy, because if they ever get to their ideal weight, their goal will shift to a lower number. That obsession of their’s means they aren’t a great person to be around.

  3. That is surprising and unprofessional behavior on her part, for many reasons. If she is still in profession, hopefully she has learned to put her attention on others, in a positive light.

  4. Great Appreciative post 👍✨ exactly ,speak in such a way that others love to listen to you ,and listen in such a way that others love to speak to you ! I really like your thoughts choose words wisely and speak nicely ✨😊☺️🙏

  5. I was always careful not to talk negatively about my body in front of my girls, not wanting to draw attention to weight or size. There is so much body shaming out there, derogatory advertisements, and unattainable body images splashed across hundreds of magazines. It’s hard to be a woman and not be focused on our flaws. And don’t get me started on wrinkles…Hugs, C

    1. If we listened to society would throw ourselves in the trash after 40! Lord forbid we live with a bit if a tummy and stretch marks.
      I always tell my girls with the magic of photoshopping we can all look like 16 year old girls.

  6. Wonderful and highly motivating, excellent post, dear Belladonna. I love your positive attitude and your approach towards life. You and Kym never fail to inspire me. Great work. 🥰🥰🥰♥️♥️♥️♥️🌹🌹🌹

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