Make this week count

Go into this week with urgency!

We have less than 24 hours each day to make a difference, unless you don’t sleep. The average person wastes two hours each day. Then complain that there aren’t enough hours in the day.

We have more than enough time to accomplish everything that we need to. However, without time management, we will continue to fall short.

What’s one thing that’s hindering your daily progress?

Your goal this week should be to cut one thing that takes away from your productivity. I wish you the best of luck this week!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


28 Replies to “Make this week count”

  1. I find that what hinders me is often outside my control and I can only move forward when that thing happens. Then I hesitate to take on more projects, worrying that I’ll be overwhelmed if it all happens at once. So is my attitude hindering me or is reality? 🤔

  2. I leave coffee cups all over the house because I’m always doing ten things at once, none of which is completely done, until I discover the cold coffee. My mind bounces and so do I. Maybe if I tried to stay focused on one thing at a time, moved sequentially through the day instead of zig zag, I would get more done? I’m going to try. Maybe lay off the coffee a bit? Hugs, C

      1. My pleasure😊. By the way I also have my page so please do visit once and give your reviews that will help me a lot. Stay happy and stay blessed, Belladonna.✌💞

  3. What a great reminder. I myself am trying to cut down on my social media use, because I’m on them for hours a day, which could all be used for so many other better things. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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