The Spirit is Moving The Bed… Part II

For this to make sense you will need to read part 1, 3 HORRIFYING knocks

Things stayed calm in her world for a few months, and she was relieved.

She went on about her typical day and night. Her routine of watching all of her favorite shows continued to soothe her. Like every other night, she fell asleep in her bed, nestled underneath her covers while Mary Tyler Moore played in the distance. 

As she drifted off, she heard a loud boom, and it felt like her bed had moved. She sat up, clutching her pillow in one hand and her cover in the other. 

Her first thought was that she was dreaming. So she took a deep breath and slowly laid back down. Then all of a sudden, she felt her bed shift to the right, then left, until it was banging against the wall. She lay there holding on to her covers for dear life. Inside she was screaming, but she couldn’t get sounds to come out. Finally, she tried to jump out of bed, but it felt like she was tied up.

Her heart raced as the bed repeatedly jumped off the floor and banged on the wall that it sat against! 

Her mom must have heard the commotion because, like a bolt of lightning, she flung open the door and ran in. As she stepped into the room, the bed came to a sudden stop.

“HELP ME” she screamed out as she reached for her mom.

Her mom ran over to her bed and held her trembling body in her arms. She cried as she hugged her mom. Then, through her shaky voice and tears pouring down, she was able to ask her mom, “what was that”? 

Her mom didn’t know what to say, so she told her the washing machine made her wall shake. You see, she shared one wall with the laundry room. But nothing like this had ever happened before. She knew her mom wasn’t being truthful; the scared look in her mother’s eyes said it all.

And not only did she know her mom wasn’t telling the truth, but she knew that whoever was shaking her bed was still there….waiting for her mother to leave!

To be continued…..

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  1. During an intense earthquake here in Southern California, I’ve been twice awakened during the night with my bed shaking like crazy. Forgetting to take cover, as recommended by the experts, I would lie in bed terrified waiting for the shaking to stop.

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