Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes it beeeeez like that! Tomorrow will be a better day.


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      1. I know girl! 💕I visited my Uncle in a convalescent home a couple of weeks ago and I picked up something wretched. I sneezed like crazy for a week!! I think Next week I will post my recipe for fermented garlic, infused in honey! That stuff will break all up that respiratory foolishness in just a day or two!!

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      2. It’s easy to make, but it will take a few days to ferment. If you don’t have the ingredients at home, send hubby to get you some local raw honey and some fresh garlic! Smash your garlic with a large knife to remove the peels. Toss the smashed individual cloves in a mason jar. Pour enough honey over them to cover them. Stir and seal your jar tightly. Shake it and burp it daily for about a week, then keep your jar in a cool dark place. It will be fully potent in about 30 days, but it will help tremendously in as early as 2-3 days. Eat the cloves(they will be sweet), and add the honey to some hot tea🫖

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