Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes it beeeeez like that! Tomorrow will be a better day.


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      1. I know girl! 💕I visited my Uncle in a convalescent home a couple of weeks ago and I picked up something wretched. I sneezed like crazy for a week!! I think Next week I will post my recipe for fermented garlic, infused in honey! That stuff will break all up that respiratory foolishness in just a day or two!!

      2. Yes please share it!!!!!!!!!! I have been out of it since Saturday and I’m finally getting back in my feet. My chest is so sore from coughing.

      3. It’s easy to make, but it will take a few days to ferment. If you don’t have the ingredients at home, send hubby to get you some local raw honey and some fresh garlic! Smash your garlic with a large knife to remove the peels. Toss the smashed individual cloves in a mason jar. Pour enough honey over them to cover them. Stir and seal your jar tightly. Shake it and burp it daily for about a week, then keep your jar in a cool dark place. It will be fully potent in about 30 days, but it will help tremendously in as early as 2-3 days. Eat the cloves(they will be sweet), and add the honey to some hot tea🫖

      4. oh wow!!!! I’m doing this today and will definitely give it a try. I appreciate you taking the time to write this out for me.

  1. Please sleep, sleep, sleep, drink tea of chamomille, rosemary, ginger and lemon with honey, chiken soup and take care. Get better soon dear Belladonna.

      1. Girlfriend, you are too crazy. Oh by the way, please go to my website and send me your mailing address on my contact page. Thanks a million sista! 😘💖🤗

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