I’ve become my Uncle Harold….DUN DUN DUNNNNNN

My Auntie Linda was a woman that loved to make people laugh!

I rarely remember her being serious or “acting her age.” And, especially when it came to her husband, he was super serious with a newspaper in his hands, ready to read the entire thing from front to back.

But because of her high energy and light-hearted humor, she brought out a side of him that I no one else could have.

When Auntie Linda saw Uncle Harold with his newspaper, she would say, “Harrieeee, your such a big drip.” But she would say it in the funniest baby voice. Which only meant one thing, Uncle Harold, or Harrieee, would use his best baby voice to respond.

They got each other!

And I thought that was the cutest thing to witness. 

I never knew that married couples joked and called each other pet names. Before spending a couple of weeks at a time with them each summer, marriage in my mind was chaotic, fussy, and would eventually end in divorce.

I’m not saying they were perfect; who is? We all have our flaws, which sometimes make marriage a little complicated.

For instance, one of the things that drove my Auntie crazy was the uncontrollable urge my Uncle Harold had to burp after every meal. Every time he burped, I waited for the ground to shake; shockingly, it never did!

But I thought one day, Oh, it’s going to happen!

However, what did happen was just as entertaining. Uncle Harold would burp, immediately rub his big belly and say, “oh, have mercy, pardon me.” And he would repeat that after every burp!

I would immediately look at my Auntie Lynn, waiting for her reaction, and she would never disappoint. In her baby voice, she would “Ewwwww Harrieee, that’s nasty.” And he would mumble, “OhhhI’msosorryaboutthatbaby.”

So today, here I sit on day three of having the flu, and for some reason, whenever I drink anything, I have to burp. And boy, does it burn when you try not to release it as loud as it should be. But I tell you, if you let that sucka fly, it feels so good, and it’s even more magical if you follow it with an “OhhhI’msosorryaboutthatbaby.”

In Loving Memory of my beautiful Auntie Linda and her wonderful husband, my Uncle Harold.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. Hahaha—what a great story! I grew up a tomboy and my grandpa taught me how to belch with deep bass—it’s impressive, and I can hold my own with anyone. 😉

  2. Your Auntie Linda sounds incredible to be able to bring the best out of your Uncle Harold! And I look forward to having fun with a significant other that much as what they did.

    1. I have so many funny stories about them. She was so funny 😂
      I wish the best of luck and as long as you date someone because of their character and not all looks you will be just fine. Substance!!!!

  3. Girl, no you don’t have the flu? What the what? 😷🤢🤧 Get well sista…quickly. I simply wonder how in the world your bout with the flu spun into a hilarious story about your Aunt Linda and Uncle Harold. Girlfriend, your eyes and ears don’t miss a beat do they? 😝😲✨😍😂 Hugs and smooches.

      1. Oh girl, take a chill pill and try to get well soon. I hear the flu this year is vicious, more than in years past. Still, you have earned the right to belch as much as you want, as loud as you want, and as creatively as you want! Now, on my count of 3, BURP YOUR ASS OFF!!! 1-2-3 😝🤣😜😂😁

  4. Hope you recover soon from your flu. Your story reminds me of the way boys and girls in our culture are/were raised differently. Boys could burp/belch and fart without shame, while girls are considered unladylike and expected to hold it in. It’s interesting that you use the more ladylike word ‘burp’ instead of ‘belch.’

    1. It is bizarre that girls would even be ashamed that they had to leave or poop. To embarrassed to admit it. Never understood that.
      My mom used to always say belch and I grew to hate that word

  5. Aww. I feel like I know them from reading this post. They sound like the sweetest couple.

    And let those burps out, lady! Lol!

    1. Girl they were cute together for sure. I have so many funny stories of them. It was great getting to know them so well over the summers.
      I am getting to comfortable with meeting these burps out, have to make sure I don’t act like this in public 🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. My wife and call each other bunny or cuddle bunny..like everywhere, I’d say that has become our name. Farting is a thing between us as well.

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