This is the best way to kick off October

There is only one way to kick off October in this house!

In this house, we bring October in by stomping, shouting, and singing from the top of our lungs. And this year, we are louder than ever; because my baby girl turned 21!

I am in disbelief that it has been 21 years!

God has blessed me with many things, but one of the best things he has blessed me with is my firstborn. Y’all, I am shocked that my 9 POUND 10 OUNCE bundle of joy is out in this world doing her thing. She’s a junior in college majoring in environmental engineering, interned with NASA she’s an published author, AND she just so happens to be the best human I have ever met.

Please join me in wishing Sammicakes a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This link will take you directly to her blog; I hope to see you there.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


55 Replies to “This is the best way to kick off October”

    1. Time is moving way too fast!!!! Geesh!🤦🏽‍♀️
      Thank you Grace. She had a great and relaxing birthday. I remember when she wanted a huge bash every year. Just seems so strange how quickly they change.

      1. It sure is. You are so welcome. Yesss. I love that, I’m the same way, I like low key celebrations and now my eldest is matching my energy. It’s weird to see how we age together but still connect.💕

  1. Happy birthday. May she have a tremendously prosperous year. So happy to know all this. Congratulations for raising such a lovely human. Xoxoxoxoxoxo
    AND I’m glad she and I share this month. 🍂

  2. We wish your a wonderful birthday and all the happiness in life. I felt the same when I look at my daughter’s children 😊 and I remember the day she was born 🥰

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