How to be the GREATEST of all time

“I am the greatest; I said that even before I knew I was.”

~Muhammad Ali~

This morning my daughter and I were driving to her orthodontist appointment, and somehow we started talking about the “Greatest Of All Time.” ~The Muhammad Ali~

And let me tell you, the conversation was good, good, good! 

Before heading out this morning, she watched a video of Muhammad, and I saw the sadness in her eyes as she began to talk. I knew she had watched a video of him when his Perkinson’s had advanced. She said it was hard to watch how shakey he was when he was trying to lift his hand to give Mike Tyson a thumbs up. Then, as he began to sit up from his chair, he stumbled, and it took him a few tries to get his balance and land on his feet; finally, he stood up and hugged Mike Tyson.

Ali is one of her favorite athletes, for good reason, of course. So she asked, “What was it about Ali that made him so great”?

When she asked me that, I immediately thought about everything I had ever read about him or every documentary I’ve seen of Ali. They all displayed the same energy; Ali was a man that knew he was great. He was destined for nothing but greatness because he knew his worth.

Often will fall short because we doubt ourselves. We believe that greatness is hard to come by, and that word doesn’t describe us!

Mahummid Ali oozed confidence; he left little to no room for anyone to doubt what he stood for and his strength. He led with power inside as well outside the ring. Watching him and listening to him talk ignites the lion that lies within.

This conversation with my daughter reminded me that I want to be great in everything I do. And it’s attainable for all who desire it.

I believe that the key to greatness is to say it. Tell yourself every day that you’re great and deserve to have everything you want in life. There isn’t one goal that you can’t achieve if you are giving life 100% effort. You have to speak greatness into existence, fake it until you make it. If you don’t believe you’re great, no one else will either. 

I am

You are

We are

The Greatest Of All Time

If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it — then I can achieve it.” ~Muhammad Ali

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


37 Replies to “How to be the GREATEST of all time”

    1. Yes we are the greatest. I havee eto keep telling myself this when times seem a bit hard. I’m so honored that this set well with you and made you feel better.

  1. I am old enough to have stayed up late to watch his fights but also to have seen the fights he needn’t have taken. A fantastic boxer and man but taken for a ride by some of his train! Like everything in life, it is a mixed message!

      1. Exactly. He had nothing to prove and was, for a time, the most famous person on the planet. Those last five fights were just horrible and I can only assume pride and a trust in his advisers convinced him to take them. I am pretty sure I remember Holmes saying that he did not want to fight Ali but had to go with the organisers anyway! 🙁

        Sorry! Just realised we have strayed a bit!! At least, your gal has great people in her corner watching her back for the right reasons!!! 🙂

      2. You could see the look in Holmes face that he did not want to unleash on Ali. That was hard to watch and he felt like crap for doing that to Ali. But he didn’t have a choice… I guess.
        I cringe everytime I see that fight. 😖

  2. I love Muhammad Ali! He knew – he had vision and he believed in himself. He had humor and a playfulness that allowed him to enjoy life! He is one of my favorites! Thank you for the post ❤️

  3. Excellent post, dear Belladonna. This is the kind of post that every one needs. Love your blogs. They inspire me so much. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. If we believe in the impossibility of something how is the opposite to manifest? Can’t! We need to believe in its possibility to have it manifest.
    Believe in it and you’re half way there!
    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh what special memories this brings back. He was so talented on so many levels Belladonna. I loved his interactions with Howard Cosell. If he didn’t work hard and believed that he could be at the top of his game, he would have remained in the shadows as Cassius Clay. There is so much to comment about him, but I particularly admired his stance on the Vietnam War as they stripped him of his championship titles! Great post girlfriend. 🥊🥊🥊

    1. Thank you Kym! Yes we could literally go on and on about this outstanding man. I listen to his clips about the war, life, persistence and I get everything I need to motivate me. He was a gift 💝

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