I’VE movED

It’s time to say good bye!

Quick story so y’all know a little more about me

When I became a mom, I put my personal goals on hold because I needed to raise my little people. Instead, they became my goal and my winning project. I knew that if I gave them 100% of myself, it would one day pay off. 

I figured if I could win at parenting, I could succeed at absolutely anything! Being a parent has been the most complex and rewarding thing I have EVER DONE!

My oldest two kids are tucked away at two of the best colleges, killing it in every area of life. My youngest is in 7th grade; everything she touches turns to gold. 

My husband and I prayed over them their entire life.

We’ve always said that it doesn’t matter how well we do in life; if our kids grow up to half-ass it in life, then we failed. We had one job, and we failed. 

Failure wasn’t an option…

We focused on the things they loved, not what we loved. Our goal was to support their desires and work as a unit.

After receiving my bachelor’s, I was done, but my husband kept going and going and going. His career took off, which meant he worked quite away from home and traveled a bit.

It made sense for me to go straight into personal training because I could work that around my three kids’ schedules. Being home was my priority when they arrived from school, and when they did I would zoom them around to all their extracurricular activities. 

Working through my bad days

I had days when I wanted to hide and never show my face again. I was EXHAUSTED!

But I always knew God blessed me with this family for a reason. So if I lost my cool, I would not only let God down, but there would be cracks in what should be a smooth foundation.

I didn’t realize that helping everyone in my household win would set me up for the current season I’m in. I have MOVED into my WINNING SEASON, and this is how I know I’ve moved in…….

Please come back tomorrow for PART 2

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


If you haven’t already answered my question that I left here

What season are you in?, then please please do so!

58 Replies to “I’VE movED”

  1. Girl, you are like a soap opera, leaving us hangin’ until the next episode. 😝 You rope us in and then as we are approaching the climax, you say “psyche!” Guuuurrrrrllllll… 😲🧲😜

  2. Fabulous post! So happy for you ~ seeing our children succeed is the best. I too prioritized my daughters over everything else and that includes their father when he became more of a jerk. I chose divorce (should have earlier) to show them that we do not tolerate shitty behavior from men. I think that was the right thing to do because they are both married to good men who treat them excellently. As far as me, I’ve earned the right to just coast now and have a relaxed lifestyle… 💕

    1. Paula you had the guts to do what so many should!!! I hate when I hear people say I stayed for the kids. The kids end up hurt. I commend you for that. Your girl grew up seeing a mom that will not take shit!! And I bet they don’t either! Job well done 💖💖💖

      1. Awwww that’s so sweet!!!! I’m heading over to catch up on your blog now!!!! Can’t wait to see what’s happening in your story 😍😍😍😍

      2. You are kindness in person, don’t worry. It’s Open always and You can vivir when you want, feel free.
        Thank’s for all dear friend. 🙏😍🤩😍🤗🌸

    1. Thank you Michele!!!! I am so happy to be in this season. It definitely took me a few months to get over my son be away at college but now that I know he’s fine.. I’m fine 😍

  3. Phew thank goodness the title was a bit of clickbait! 😉 You guys sound really grounded and happy. You’ve done well and you know that it will never end. Weirdly as the kids get older and make their own way, it is hard to back off and offer quiet advice rather than take over and make things “right”. Well, that is my experience but I’m still figuring it out!

    1. I think I will always be in there business 😂 That will never change for me. I feel so sorry for their spouses because HERE COMES MAMA whether you like it or not 😂

  4. Delighted to hear that you have something exciting upcoming! Many of us put careers on hold while supporting our other halves with the best paid jobs. I started a new career in my ’50s so it’s never too late.

    1. Thank you so much for that encouragement. I truly believe that you can do whatever you out yourself mind to no matter the age. In fact with certain things, age has made us better equipped to succeed 😍

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