Is this what JEALOUSY feels like?

I originally wrote this post in 2020, and it’s amazing how differently I feel about the subject matter! In my next post, I’ll explain why this feeling is no longer valid.

Post from 2020

I’ve honestly never experienced this jealous feeling that I had on Saturday. I don’t know if the rainy weather triggered my emotions because I was hungry, or perhaps I was just sleepy.

Whatever the case, I felt what I felt, making me sad.

This weekend I attended a birthday party, and I had a great time laughing and talking to all the ladies I hadn’t been able to chat with for a while.

All our girls were jumping and having a great time at the trampoline park and were happy to celebrate with the birthday girl. Then suddenly, my mood shifted, and I wanted to run out in the rain and flop down in the street and scream, “This isn’t fair.”

I hope you got a good laugh picturing me looking like an idiot.

Okay, back to the story, one of my dear friends walks through the door and tells us she is,

wait for it…..


I grabbed her, hugged her, and couldn’t stop smiling. Once I let her go, I think I stood there frozen for at least 3 minutes. All I could think was she was the luckiest lady on the planet. Even though I must admit, before that moment, the thought of having more kids didn’t exist.

Not only did it not exist, but when people asked me if my husband and I would ever consider having another child, my quick reply was, “are you crazy”! I have three kids, and they keep me on the move nonstop. It takes all my husband and I to stay afloat, and some days, we barely see each other because he is shuffling a kid one way, and I’m scrambling in the opposite direction with another kid. Plus, we are outnumbered by three perky, energetic kids against two tired parents.

Talk about brutal.

But, at that moment, I felt something hard to describe. I don’t know what word to use other than jealous.

You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


24 Replies to “Is this what JEALOUSY feels like?”

  1. Belladonna, there are times when the good news others share with us may look like jealousy and might seem selfish. Such emotions are somehow felt when others share some exciting news, like getting a new house, buying a new vehicle or getting a big promotion at work. Sometimes it seems like there is something in the pit of your stomach that really isn’t all that excited for the other person and you wish in a way it was you with such good news instead.

    But sista’, it is at such a time, and trust me we have all felt the same way at some point and time, that we reflect on our blessings and thank God for them. Imagine, if you were the one pregnant back then, you would now have to deal with a bad ass 2-year old. 😱 Think about how crazy you would really be looking about right now. With three healthy and beautiful children that you have, they are at ages where you don’t have to find a baby sitter. You and your husband can watch your seeds flourish and enjoy the time along, together, enjoying the fruits of your labor. When your grandbabies come, then there will be more reasons to really look crazy and you wouldn’t be able to find the time of day to have some “me-time.” So, slap out of it already! LMAO 😂😅😜😆😝🤣

    1. AMEN!!!!!!!! You nailed it and then some. I would jump off a bridge if I had a 2 year old right now! I could
      Not imAgine starting over and looking like a tired fool!!! Uh uh ain’t no way!!!!!!!

  2. life is like that…our third was a surprise I’m late!… fault, I delayed getting my part taking care of my part, and one night we just said, let’s take a chance, and well, then we had Sasha then I got snipped… oldest doesn’t like me pointing out that we just kept having kids until we had one we liked…lol…..a challenge, but it’s life and life without, I couldn’t imagine

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