The Most Beautiful Thing In The World

What better way to end the month than by sharing a story written by my 12-year-old daughter?

Biography of my 12-year-old

She is the youngest of my three brilliant kids. She is in 7th grade, and all her classes are advanced and accelerated. She is not only smart but the most athletic little kid I have ever come across. She doesn’t miss an opportunity to watch college/pro football, basketball, and soccer.

Her wit is out of this world; she keeps the whole family entertained, and did I mention that it looks like the late great Micheal Jackson taught her how to moonwalk?

The prompt my 20 year old gave may 12 year old;

The Most Beautiful Thing In The World

His beautiful eyes glistened as the warm summer sun hit the tops of his fur. His paws buried deep into the cold, wet ground while the bright green grass tickled his nose. His fur was as golden as the richest of all golds, and patches of white splattered across his body.

His nose twitched as he stood peacefully staring off into the sky. His ears are as long as his head and head as long as the fingers of a grown man. He may be the size of the tiniest beachball you could possibly find, but don’t let those four pounds fool you. Though his fur may be soft and his eyes may plead innocence, he is the most ferocious chihuahua you could find. As he stepped forward gracefully, he realized how large the world really was. But nothing will ever be larger than him.

He pranced along thick patches of grass that almost completely covered his body. Only his long ears are visible above it all. As the day grew old, he yawned and stretched, showing off the fur under his neck that was whiter than snow. Finally, he laid down, turning his body into a donut-like shape.

Ending his day knowing he was the most beautiful thing on Earth.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!

~My Baby Girl~

44 Replies to “The Most Beautiful Thing In The World”

  1. I just read again, it feels love in every word she wrote.
    Let me tell you that I believe she will be an amazing writer.
    Thank’s for share. You must be so proud, Belladonna.
    Keep writing!

    Liked by 2 people

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