My To Do List For Today

My To-Do List

~Do something that makes my soul happy~

~Think positive~

~Be positive~

~Focus on everything good~

~Count my blessings~

~Love myself~

~Take another step towards my future self~

~Just Breathe~

Will you share at least one positive thing on your to-do list?

You could’ve chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


46 Replies to “My To Do List For Today”

      1. I wish I was! Sadly, I often let things fall into the “I’ll do it this afternoon” pile and before you know it another day has passed. Hence this is an important “To Do” for me 😉

  1. My To Do List for Today:

    👉🏾 Give the gift of a smile to someone

    👉🏾 Eat a homemade (but not by me) blueberry muffin

    👉🏾 Shine a light on an amazing fiction writer

  2. Breathing is huge! And thinking positively, you make the decision everyday on whether you will have a good day or bad. Life will throw a lot at you, but you are in control with how you respond ♥️

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