No more chains

2022 has been a time of change, and boy, do I hate change!

I am horrible when it comes to change. However, this year I have learned how to accept things I have zero control over. For example, my kids leaving for school hit me like a Mac truck. I truly felt like I was involved in a head-on collision and was left for dead. 

But over time, I became strong and equipped to handle whatever came next. So now here I am, giving my kids pep talks, sharing scriptures, and encouraging words concerning coping with change. 

This summer, I held on to God’s word and guidance. I needed him to assist me with learning how to move through change. I no longer wanted my feet to feel trapped in mud. Instead, I wanted to feel like I had on a brand new pair of skates, gliding into every new phase of my life.

The fear of change can hold you hostage. It prevents you from seeing what all God has in store for you. Being fearful is like saying, “GOD, I DON’T TRUST YOU; since I can’t see what change is going to bring, I don’t want it.”  

Never do I want to show myself as someone who is untrusting in the Lord. Therefore I had to work on myself and learn to glide through changes.

The freedom that I feel can not be put into words. However, I can put it into song.

When I was just a young Bella, the song below was my favorite church song, and I sang it all the time.

I am free

No longer bound

No more chains holding me

My soul is resting 

And that’s just a blessing

Praise the Lord

I’m free

God placed this song back in my heart this summer, and I’m so grateful.

How do you feel about change? 

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


25 Replies to “No more chains”

  1. Change and I have a strong love-hate relationship. And recently, I learned about myself in a larger way, and I am going to speak to my therapist about this very thing tomorrow. Once I have confirmation, I’ll share it.

    But I try to make myself adjust as best as I can whenever changes take place. It’s a struggle.

    Hang in there, Bella.

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  2. AMEN Bella. I couldn’t have said that any better! I think you know where I stand on change girlfriend! 😉 If you’re alive, it’s gonna happen! Cheers to change, whether we like it or not! 🥂🥂🥂 We just make the adjustments as needed! 😍💋😘

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