Look After Yourself Friday

You tend to grow up quickly when born into a family of vultures!

Regarding attacking one another, no one was ever off limits. So I learned how to protect myself and keep my distance. I’ve never asked anyone for anything or exposed any problems or weaknesses. 

I learned at a young age that if you leave the room, you will get dragged by everyone. Instead of folks telling you personally the things you need to change or work on. This is partly why my relationship is nonexistent with those particular folks.

I’m protecting my peace by looking after myself.

Ways to protect your peace

  1. Remove yourself from toxicity
  2. Don’t expect anyone to cheer for you
  3. Learn how to be your best cheerleader
  4. Make people earn your trust
  5. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve
  6. Learn to cut ties and move on
  7. Don’t expect FAMILY to be any different than anyone else
  8. Don’t tell everyone your secrets
  9. Remove yourself from GOSSIP and PETTINESS
  10. Learn to pray and put God first
  11. Learn that people are who they are, and you can’t change anyone

Protect your peace by looking after yourself!

Happy Friday!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


40 Replies to “Look After Yourself Friday”

  1. And it’s okay to say No!!
    Sometimes, we face things that makes us uncomfortable but we don’t reply back. I really think, we need to reply back in a gentle manner if something is making us uncomfortable.
    Because, if we don’t reply at that time, then we will tie a knot and it will keep us Bothering.
    I hope you had a great Friday.
    Have a peaceful night.

    1. Thank you so much for this comment!!! I definitely need to learn how to reply back in a gentle manner. This makes sense because it will keep your temper even and steady.

      1. I can suggest you some books. That guided me. Although, I’m not trying to teach you anything. Sometimes, its better to be quite than being rude. I get multiple thoughts at the Gym, but I remain quiet.

      2. There are 2 books that I’ve recently read and it changed my mindset a lot.
        1 : How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie.
        2 : The power of your subconscious mind by Dr Joseph Murphy.
        Again, I want to mention. I have no intention to teach or disrespect you in any shape and form. I like to interact through blogs and that’s my only motive.

  2. I grew up in a home where I was never going to be good enough, told I wasn’t good enough to move up to a more advanced hockey team, my guitar playing was never going to amount to anything, my ironman triathlons were a work of friction….that tends to weigh you down after a while so never good enough

    1. Warren that down right sucks!!!!!
      Having someone say that will eat away at your soul and leave you empty. The people closes to you know what to say to bring you down notches. We have to learn that they don’t know us better than we do and their words mean absolutely nothing!!!!!

  3. Beautiful Coffee Picture 😍 & blog post 💗💗…notice your personal experience with the note written… neatly composed with complete guide to digest..

    agree with @Devang on learn to say no when required not always also to be added to the list…otherwise also your list seems complete and as a guide…

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