Fake flowers and imperfect nightstand

I often wonder why people choose to keep certain things on their nightstands!

I’m a simple and easy-access =kind of girl. I want to grab the things I need and return them as efficiently as possible. Maybe my military background has a lot to do with who I am.

Everything has a place, and a place has all that I need. I despise crowded spaces that are filled with all things you don’t need. I am huge on putting things back where you found them and removing all fingerprints from the area.

Ya, know, kind of like a crime scene but without the crime. 

Things I keep on my nightstand.

  • I’m a reading kinda girl, so I keep all the books near me that are up next in my rotation. There are currently fake flowers beside me because I didn’t have a green thumb when I organized my room. But I am pleased to announce that my thumb is just as green as the incredible hulk. And I can finally keep my plants alive. 
  • So those will most likely be replaced this week to match all the other real plants I have throughout my house (I HAVE A TON OF REAL PLANTS…don’t judge me).
  • Candles are my thing, so of course, I have those beside me. But, I’m very particular about each scent throughout the house. The things that may not bother most bother me. 
  • Dare I say I’m a writer? There I said it. I started writing when I was in 9th grade and never stopped. When I write, I’m at peace. Therefore, I keep books beside me that will help spark ideas and motivate me daily.

My nightstand has a ton of scratches and imperfections, but so do I….so there’s that!

What’s on your nightstand?

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. I have my phone, my kindle, other books, tissues, lamp with charger, flashlight, BP kit cuz I’m a hypochondriac, some doodads from my girls… and a music box from my mom. Wow, that’s a lot! Too much, perhaps…

  2. Right now I’ve a ton of things there as it’s difficult for me to get up and get stuff due to my foot. It’s fully jammed with things which I’m hoping will go to their proper place once I’m allowed to walk without the walker stand.

    1. I pray you heal soon!!! But I’ve been praying for you to a have speedy recovery.
      Yes it makes sense to have everything you need in one place.

  3. I am obsessed with what people keep in their nightstands…did a post a few months ago…in short…anything that I might need once I’m comfortably in bed…including hand lotion, charging cords and lip balm

    1. I remember reading that!!!! I also rennet your book shelf post. And I loved both of them. I’m so curious as to what people have in several different places. I guess I’m just nosey 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  4. Chile, I think the older I get the less stuff is over my public and personal spaces Belladonna. Too many tchotchkes make me nervous. I suppose my mother was like that and plus I am married to a military vet. Need I say more???

    Probably the junkiest room that I might have is my office. I have mostly books, an aquarium and a couple of things from college, besides my desk, computers and a sitting chair. But on top of my nightstands in our MBR are my mothers old lamps and on the lower level are a couple of vases. The stands have a drawer, so I keep a box of Kleenex, a Bible and a weapon (I won’t reveal what it is)! LOL Kinda’ crazy to have the weapon by the Bible huh! 😲😱😬 Oh well…

    We don’t have a TV in our bedroom because while it will put me to sleep, the noise only wakes me right back up again. So there you have it! Oh yes, I was brown thumb once. I killed a cactus, so what can I say. Now, it’s different. I’m not the Incredible Hulk kind of green, but let’s just say there is enough that helped with my husband’s notorious allergies! 🥴😷😱

    1. I can not stand clutter!!!! Yes your military vet has taught you well.
      Not the Bible and a weapon 🤣🤣🤣 pray and then go for the gusto and then pray again.
      We should definitely take the tv out of our room but I might go through withdrawal. I love the sound of old black and whit shoes playing while I read at night. Before marriage I fell asleep with it on every night and slept terrible 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Girl, don’t even talk about it. We had a TV in our bedroom before we moved to this house 19 years ago. But while my husband prefers to have one in the room and I don’t, when I got him a 55″ Smart TV for his man cave, I think it was a pretty good compromise. 😜📺😂📺😝

  5. That is a sweet post. I like books and candles too. I love real flowers and I can’t stand a lot of clutter either. It is wonderful that your daughter is a writer. It really does run in the family. Big hugs my friend. 🦋❤️🤗

  6. My night stand is little far from the bed. So I keep my phone and my glasses on it. The phone is kept at a distance because, first, it’s good to keep it at a distance while sleeping. Second, in the morning to turn off the alarm, I need to get up. Then, I wake up easily. Water bottle is kept on the floor near my bed. Because, I could accidently drop it at night and that will cause a noise.
    I keep it really simple. haha

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