National Girlfriend Day….Really???

I have honestly heard it all!

I swear, due to social media, meaningless national days are being set up left and right. All with one main intention; to make others second guess themselves. 

So I hear today is National Girlfriend Day. Therefore in many childish females’ minds, they are thinking, “If you love me, you will post a pic of me on social media professing your love and then buy me a gift.”

There is absolutely no way in hell a man thought of this holiday. Men might be a lot of things, but being over dramatic, they are not.  

I had no idea about National Girlfriend Day until I saw my niece post a sarcastic statement on Facebook, and I immediately rolled my eyes. But not without thinking, “What the hell is this mess”? Maybe it’s been around for a while, and I had the pleasure of never hearing about this day. 

Nonetheless, it’s just another day to remind others they are alone!

Social Media is the devil’s work.

Okay, maybe not the devil’s work, but it’s either his work or one of his scandalous little friends. 

Every time I scroll through my feed, I see someone with ill intent behind their post. It’s obvious because they will never post how they were looking into getting a divorce a few months ago or how their grown son is back home without a job. Nor will people speak about how they have been dumped more times than my recycling bin. 

But here they are smiling and bragging about a trip, outfit, new hairstyle, and new boyfriend that’s looking for the exit sign.

Pointless National Holidays

Since joining social media, I have seen many pointless national holidays appear. When you see the days pop up, you are supposed to post a pic to go with the national day. So evidently, if you LOVE your girlfriend and want to show her off, then today is your day to make her shine. So you better post a pic and write a magical caption that will make other women side eye whomever they are in a relationship with.

Better yet, if you are single, you will eat a bucket of ice cream and watch sad lifetime movies while questioning your worth!

I am here to say

Don’t fall for it, my beautiful, worthy, powerful, classy, making it happen single ladies. You do not need confirmation from a man’s post to make you feel electric. You are the bee’s knees, and don’t you forget it!

To my men, maybe you’re still looking for that special someone, and this day reminds you of how single you are. You may want to find anybody to call your own but don’t do it. Stay single with high standards, and don’t allow a day like today to make you make bad decisions!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


36 Replies to “National Girlfriend Day….Really???”

    1. Anything that will give attention to someone or make them feel special because of a shout out will grow in huge numbers. As if giving someone a love shoutout means absolutely anything! (Insert eye roll) 🤣

  1. thank goodness wordpress is not social media. their idea of social is only as a plurality i think. we here like to exchange prose and thoughts. whopee~

  2. People make weird day. Then fools start following it. What’s the point of such day? Will you love your partner more on this day? Such days are actually marketing Bs. People will invest more on gift on specific day. I even hate the concept of valentine’s day. Why do we need special day to love our partner??
    Why do we need special day to make people feel special? Why days has to be specific?

      1. I see on valentine’s day. That they have special sale on the gifts. People invest in such gifts, but actually there’s no value of such things. They went to the trash. Flowers are wasted, papers are wasted. While, we have limited resources.

      2. I am really enjoying your content. 😁
        You are providing a great variety of everything. Motivational, exercise, thought Provoking 🙂
        Kindly keep sharing.

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