Six-Word Story

Okay, this six-word story is for anyone holding on to a dead relationship!

I would love to hear your advice to someone willing to stick around in a loveless relationship. I’ll go first.

You can do bad by yourself!


33 Replies to “Six-Word Story”

  1. dead relationships are random…friends that I thought were so in love, split and you say WTF?….and others you hear of someone leaving some you think is so special you cannot believe anyone wanting to leave…..and seeing that, and the mess that sometime follows, finding ways to make things work eventually seems to be worthwhile….I always want to ask some if they remembered why they got married in the first place?…..but yeah, sometimes you also see the why and understand

    1. I couldn’t agree more. It seems as though things look better online than they do in real life. I used to be shocked when I saw couples break up, and all of there previous posts were so lovie dovie. And always on fantastic kiddless vacations.

      So important for folks to remember why they got married because bad days will appear.

  2. “It is time to let go.” Loved your SWS! I think sometimes we hang on to dead relationships because we are afraid of change but it’s just not worth it to hang on.

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